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hive wire horse

  1. mininessie

    Daz Studio Little deer mn preset 2019-05-31

    Sorry,only for DS... ayt least for the moment. Here you have a Little deer preset to make offspring for the deer in your renders...it is set at 50% of the original size. You can use any of the textures on it...i provided a zero pose to keep the size when you want to reset the pose. Thanks for...
  2. An image I made for a thank you card

    An image I made for a thank you card

    Flinks Meadow and sky, HiveWire 3D Horse, CWRW's Mane N Tail Pack. Postwork in Photoshop.
  3. A Night for Walls

    A Night for Walls

  4. HaiGan

    Poser & DS Halloween Hooves for the HiveWire Horse 2018-10-27

    Fancy Footwork: A Halloween Freebie for the HiveWire Horse Pirate and Pumpkin Material files for Poser (Firefly and Superfly) and DAZ Studio (3Delight and Iray) While I have made the effort to keep results as similar as possible between render engines, the lighting setup has an enormous...
  5. Best Friends

    Best Friends

  6. UpperMedow


  7. Wanderers


  8. Tom 'n Flash

    Tom 'n Flash

  9. BFFs


  10. Black On Black

    Black On Black

    HW Classic Tack
  11. Meeting the Erlking

    Meeting the Erlking

  12. SummerEvening


  13. Not Just Your Farm

    Not Just Your Farm

    Yes, That is my farm, digitally speaking...
  14. Salute to aFriend from Battle

    Salute to aFriend from Battle

  15. Fantasy


  16. Winter Landing-IMArts

    Winter Landing-IMArts

    Diao's Flight poses with the new Winged Horse!
  17. In Flight

    In Flight

  18. The King

    The King

  19. Evening Flight

    Evening Flight

  20. The Raven and the Hawk

    The Raven and the Hawk