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Harry Goes to Arabia

Dakorillon (IMArts)

Contributing Artist
Well, you are of course forgiven *wink* lol. I'm glad that you have been involved with contests and rendering, those play times help to refresh our brains and enhance our skill! And Yay for a new computer!


Busy Bee
However, I got a bee in my bonnet right now, so I've started playing around with the first part of the bridle, the noseband. I've decided to go bit-less on the bridle, and probably dynamic too. But I haven't registered Poser on my new machine, nor have I set up the dynamic creator script for Studio, so this is just a static preview of the base mesh. The tassels aren't attached to the noseband yet, and the weird looking strap around the ears is just there to keep the noseband from falling off during sims until I get the rest of the bridle modelled...

noseband test 01.jpg


Busy Bee
Can't you see them? The reins start out behind the horses ears, cross under the lower jaw, where they pass through a ring which has a nice fluffy tassel dangling from it, then the fit through another ring attached on either side of the tasselled noseband, and end in a ring, which the end of the reins is also attached to.


HW Honey Bear
eeeekkk!!!!!!! @VortigensBane ... that looks like a DS screen shot... so HOPING you are able to do the POSER dynamic (once you register it?! ;) ) cause I would love to THROW MONEY AT YOU for this fantastic set!! With trans maps for the tassels....and and .... ooooo ooo ooo!!!!!!!!:wow: :happyflip:

edit: still musing over it (rather my muse is...) We could put the classic saddle over it, make the cinch invisible, and it would look to the viewer that the cinch was put THROUGH the blanket, and done up under it.... and tell the dynamic cloth to collide with the stirrup strap/stirrup parts.... and and .... oooo!!! oooo!!!!

(I'm so not excited or anything! :) ) :bounce: :happyflip::happyflip::happyflip:

carmen indorato

I do a lot of native and fantasy prehistoric art and have always wanted simple rope or rawhide and leather and fur horse tac.
Native Americans when not riding bareback uses very simple saddle or just blankets and reins whereby a loop was wrapped around the horses lower lip. Would also love paks and pak saddles and a believable travois set for horse and dog.


Busy Bee
@Lyne The closeup of the noseband is a DAZ render. The full horse screenshot is a Blender printscreen.

The whole set will be primarily a Poser dynamic set, with possibly a few conforming pieces. With the advent of a certain plugin *ahem* for DAZ Studio available, well, elsewhere, a DAZ version is also a possibility. I do a lot more in DAZ now than I used to, since I like Iray so much, even if my computer doesn't/didn't. Poser dynamics are still WAY better than Studio's, though. :(

Poser will be registered soon; I just have to remember which external harddrive I put the registration info on when moving my files from the old computer.

I finally broke down and bought the Classic Tack set, mostly to see just how it worked as a whole, and how the reins were rigged. Maybe I'll be mean and post a render or two...

As far as transmaps go, the texture artists (and primarily, myself) will only have to do bump and transparency maps for ONE tassel for the whole set. All the tassels share the same UV map, and are just differentiated by material zones. Not to make you more excited, or anything...

@carmen indorato I do plan on finishing the set out with a puffy saddle, but not sure if I'll include a girth strap due to the picky nature of dynamic sims. Not sure about stirrups either, just because I personally prefer not to have them. At some point I will probably do an animal hide "saddle." I'd like to use LAMH or Poser dynamic hair with it too, just to make it look better. I might wait for the release of the HW Big Kitty too, so I can plan my hide UV map so that people can apply the Big Kitty skins to the saddle, since Laurie always does such a nice job on texture maps and all...


Busy Bee
Thanks. Right now I just have to motivate myself to finish modelling all the strappy parts of the bridle... blankets and tassels are easy, but to try to get a strap to work properly is a royal nightmare.