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  1. Room Dividers

    Room Dividers

    Room Dividers for DAZ Studio by Cyriona
  2. Overalls For La Femme

    Overalls For La Femme

    Overalls For La Femme by Glitterati3D
  3. Early Morning Start

    Early Morning Start

  4. Black Arab

    Black Arab

    Still experimenting on backlighting the mane and tail, this time on an all-black image. It looks a tad too dark on one of my monitors but beautiful on another so I hope it views fine for you :)
  5. Arab


  6. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Arabian Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Arabian Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Arabian morph
  7. Soar 2

    Soar 2

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses. Only change was the using the Rider dial to move the feathers away from Dawn.
  8. Taking Off 2

    Taking Off 2

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  9. Taking Off

    Taking Off

    Testing Daio's wonderful wing poses
  10. Arab Mare And Foal

    Arab Mare And Foal

    trying out the new Flaxen Liver Chestnut textures
  11. Braided2


  12. Spring Run

    Spring Run

  13. Elven Princess

    Elven Princess

  14. Appys


    3Delight render. Postwork using CWRW's wonderful mane packs. Custom textures using CWRW texture as a base. (Also tweaked Arab mare to be a bit more dished)
  15. VortigensBane

    Harry Goes to Arabia

    Someone on the old forum was griping about not having enough stuff for Harry to wear, so that (along with a pet project of my own) got me started posting teasers of my progress. When the old forum crashed I kinda got sidetracked by other projects. However, I've started back to work, after...