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hivewire horse

  1. Fist Full Of Landon

    Fist Full Of Landon

    Landon 8, HiveWire Horse, Mustang morph for the HW horse
  2. Green Algae Bloom

    Green Algae Bloom

    seahorse for the HiveWire horse by Freyrstrongart, Seahorse Textures
  3. Dream9Studios

    Hivewire Horse and V4?

    Hi, I'm not new to 3D (I've been known as BeatleTrekkie, LizzieP, and Dream9Studios) but I am relatively new to Hivewire3D. I'm thinking about buying the Hivewire Horse and Unicorn but I have a few questions. I apologize if I selected the wrong forum for this post but I wasn't sure. :) I'm...
  4. High Born Lady

    High Born Lady

  5. Leafy Seahorse

    Leafy Seahorse

  6. Squire


  7. Billy


  8. HaiGan

    Poser Medieval Textures for the Classic Saddle 2017-12-27

    Four material sets for use with the Classic Saddle (available in the HiveWire 3D Store), designed for use with Poser. Saddle textures alone Green saddle texture with matching medieval texture for the Santa outfit Purple and red saddle textures with matching medieval santa textures...
  9. HaiGan

    Poser Medieval Textures for the Shetland Santa outfit 2017-12-18

    A repost, as the link was not working on the previous one and it was not allowing me to edit it. Transparency, four different colours and material files to take the Shetland Santa back into earlier times. A pretty palfrey or a medieval mount! Requires the Shetland Pony Santa (also available in...
  10. Becoming Endangered

    Becoming Endangered

  11. Ride Out

    Ride Out

  12. TaishoBee

    Race Tack Reins Break

    So I bought the race tack for the HWH and well, it's driving me insane. No matter how I pose the horse the reins do this weird kink thing. I am using a default pose, standing 1. I'm only using the draft horse morph. The reins actually do this after just conforming them.
  13. TaishoBee

    Hivewire Horse Tail Posing Issues

    So no matter how I try to pose the horse, the tail gives me this awful, shelf like break or worse. I've tried everything I know to try and fix this and can't. Sometimes, the horse's legs do the same thing. I am using limits as the pose packs say to do, too. It does this when posed by hand too...
  14. 101


  15. Roses Are Red

    Roses Are Red





  18. Littelest Shaman: "Laughing Horse"

    Littelest Shaman: "Laughing Horse"

  19. Swallows


  20. Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Ever have one of those days when it's so exhausting just getting ready to do your favourite thing that you don't have the energy to DO your favourite thing? Diva getting her Shetland Pony ready to ride. I think she'll enjoy it once she gets on!