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Poser Medieval Textures for the Shetland Santa outfit 2017-12-18

Turn your shetland santa into a medieval mount

  1. HaiGan
    A repost, as the link was not working on the previous one and it was not allowing me to edit it.

    Medieval Shetland Colours.png
    Transparency, four different colours and material files to take the Shetland Santa back into earlier times. A pretty palfrey or a medieval mount! Requires the Shetland Pony Santa (also available in resources).

    Use with the Classic Saddle (requires the Classic Saddle, available in the HiveWire 3D store)! Load up and conform the saddle, turn off all visibility for Chest2, use the Materials setup to make the blanket transparent/invisible and set the X scale to 101% for Chest.
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