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  1. HaiGan

    Poser Medieval Textures for the Classic Saddle 2017-12-27

    Four material sets for use with the Classic Saddle (available in the HiveWire 3D Store), designed for use with Poser. Saddle textures alone Green saddle texture with matching medieval texture for the Santa outfit Purple and red saddle textures with matching medieval santa textures...
  2. HaiGan

    Poser Medieval Textures for the Shetland Santa outfit 2017-12-18

    A repost, as the link was not working on the previous one and it was not allowing me to edit it. Transparency, four different colours and material files to take the Shetland Santa back into earlier times. A pretty palfrey or a medieval mount! Requires the Shetland Pony Santa (also available in...
  3. HaiGan

    Poser Shetland Santa 2017-12-12

    Diva has a Christmas pony! A Santa outfit for the HiveWire 3D Horse's Shetland Pony. This is the combination of a static prop (bit), poseable prop (reins) and dynamic cloth. Instructions are provided in the Readme file for adding a dynamic hair fur trim and ear-tip pompoms. Includes one...
  4. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Pony Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Pony Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Shetland morph
  5. Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Ever have one of those days when it's so exhausting just getting ready to do your favourite thing that you don't have the energy to DO your favourite thing? Diva getting her Shetland Pony ready to ride. I think she'll enjoy it once she gets on!
  6. Little And Large

    Little And Large

    Work in progress- combined poses for the Draft Horse and Shetland
  7. Day At The Beach

    Day At The Beach

    Alaric II, Quarter Horse with a little Shetland thrown in.
  8. Naughty Pony

    Naughty Pony

  9. Western Shetland II

    Western Shetland II

    Full shot of the Shetland with the Western Tack
  10. Give us a BIG kiss

    Give us a BIG kiss

    A big sloppy pony-kiss for poor Katie! Hivewire horse, Shetland morph plus additional scaling, Poser's Katie with scaling, CWRWs mane & tail layers and hose texture, my own headcollar. Postwork in Photoshop and PSP.
  11. Shetland and foal

    Shetland and foal

    The Hivewire horse, the Hivewire foal, Dapple Grey and Shetland textures, extensive rescaling. Various filters and so on applied afterwards in Illustrator and PSP. I was aiming for a Thelwell-esque horse, which is fundamentally a toon-ised Shetland of original Shetland Isles type.
  12. Skylar and her pony

    Skylar and her pony

  13. Spring Run

    Spring Run

  14. Trotting Shetlands

    Trotting Shetlands

  15. Cutie and the Beast

    Cutie and the Beast

    HiveWire's new Shetland Pony meets the HW Beast!
  16. We Three Who...

    We Three Who...

  17. Alisa

    RELEASED HiveWire Shetland Pony!!!

    Luna kept asking for a pony, and who wants to disappoint her??? Welcome to the adorable HiveWire Shetland Pony Take this precious creature home with you today :) Requires the HiveWire 3D Horse