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hivewire 3d horse

  1. 25 years of Poser

    25 years of Poser

  2. Blue Sparkled2.jpg

    Blue Sparkled2.jpg

    BeJeweled Sparkle Wings for HiveWire Horse and BeJeweled Sparkle Skins by Rae and FairyLight
  3. Mares and Foals/Tribute to Stubbs

    Mares and Foals/Tribute to Stubbs

  4. Branding


  5. Send me a pillow I can ride on

    Send me a pillow I can ride on

  6. Flash in Western Bridle

    Flash in Western Bridle

  7. Fancy Footwork: Halloween Freebie

    Fancy Footwork: Halloween Freebie

    Free hoof materials for Harry, in resources now!
  8. Fairy and Unicorn

    Fairy and Unicorn

  9. Silver Unicorn

    Silver Unicorn

  10. Jack Rabbit Dance

    Jack Rabbit Dance

    after long periods of no rain Jack Rabbit will venture out and do the rain dance for the Unicorn Brumby to excite the rain gods and have them cry with laughter ... and to hopefully end the drought.
  11. Draft Harness In Progress #4

    Draft Harness In Progress #4

    Checking the line is straight for the trace chains as they link between the collar, trace ring and drops. This is not the final chain, and nothing really links up much yet. Not looking too bad though!
  12. Draft Harness In Progress #3

    Draft Harness In Progress #3

    Experimenting with the trace chain. The point where it hooks onto the hames obviously still needs work.
  13. Draft harness in progress #2

    Draft harness in progress #2

    Draft harness in progress.
  14. Draft Harness In Progress #1

    Draft Harness In Progress #1

    Draft harness in progress.
  15. Liver Chestnut Study

    Liver Chestnut Study

  16. TheGrey


  17. Squire 1

    Squire 1

  18. Western Outfit for Dusk3

    Western Outfit for Dusk3

    Liam for Dusk SE prefers the Western Outfit in brighter colors. His horse prefers bright tulips!
  19. Western Outfit For Dusk2

    Western Outfit For Dusk2

    Rodrigo love the Bolo Tie and Conch Shell Belt decor that comes in the Western Outfit for Dusk. Lots of great colors for the clothing too. His mustang approves!
  20. HaiGan

    Poser Medieval Textures for the Shetland Santa outfit 2017-12-18

    A repost, as the link was not working on the previous one and it was not allowing me to edit it. Transparency, four different colours and material files to take the Shetland Santa back into earlier times. A pretty palfrey or a medieval mount! Requires the Shetland Pony Santa (also available in...