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  1. M

    Free 3DCG models

    Greetings fellow devs, i'm MCI Games and used to develop games myself back in the day now i'm a 3DCG artist and wish to share my work for free with everyone, all my models can be downloaded from http://free3dcg.com . All models provided on this website are created by me as a hobby, if you find...
  2. F

    Import comes put tiny?

    I export my character model from DAZ 3D and import it into Blender. When I export my character model from Blender back into DAZ 3D, the model is extremely tiny. How can I get the the model to stay the correct size?
  3. F

    Jagged selection?

    In Blender, I'm trying to duplicate the lower half of my character model's body. However, the selected area's edges come out jagged. It's not a straight line wrapped around the waist. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  4. F

    Sculpting not happening in real time?

    In Blender, I have a character model in Sculpt Mode. When I try to sculpt on the model, seemingly nothing happens. However, when I switch to Edit Mode, the changes appear. But I can't see what I'm actually sculpting in real time. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  5. F

    Head not lined up?

    I made a topic a bit ago describing that when I export my model from DAZ 3D, during the export process, the head becomes giant and falls out of place. It winds up that way no matter what program I open it in afterward (Blender, 3DS MAX). I did find a solution for that problem. If I export the...
  6. F

    Hair not really connected to the head?

    I have a model in DAZ 3D, and when I export it as an FBX into other programs (Blender, 3DS MAX), the hair isn't connected to the character's head. Why is this? How can I fix it?
  7. F

    Exporting wrong?

    I exported a character model as an FBX from DAZ 3D, and when I open it in Blender, the head appears giant, crooked, and the hair is out of place. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?
  8. F

    Transfer shape keys?

    In Blender, is there a way to transfer shape keys to another object?
  9. F

    Getting rid of modifier?

    In Blender, I applied a modifier to a character model, but I now want to get rid of this modifier. Is there a way that I can get rid of it?
  10. F

    Replacing one head with another?

    In Blender, is there a way to replace one head with another head?
  11. F

    Mesh being affected by bone rotation?

    In Blender, I'm modeling a character, and I'm having an issue with the section of the leg and buttocks. The buttocks part of the mesh is being affected by the bone rotation of the leg. I removed the weight paint, but it still happened. I tried to reposition the bone so that it's not inside of...
  12. Robynsveil

    Blender FigureShaders for Poser figures 0.6.0

    FigureShaders is a script to give humanoid figures imported into Blender: skin, eyes and mouth shaders using an image set. These image sets are usually provided by the figure or character maker. The script runs in a panel [ T ] in the context of the the 3D Viewport window. Currently - as of...
  13. DaremoK3

    Blender Make Pillow Toolshelf Tab Add-on 0.3

    This is a modified add-on for the "Make Pillow" add-on by Mark C (BlendedMarks) that adds a quick usage button on the Tools Tab instead of having to search for operation via Spacebar Search (though, still available to you). It has it's own collapsible panel located under the Tools Tab, but has...
  14. DaremoK3

    Blender Cloth Weaver Extra Tools Panel Add-on 0.1

    This is a supplement add-on ONLY for the Blender add-on: Cloth Weaver. It adds additional functionality tools I use while working with CW. Cloth Weaver is an add-on that utilizes flat pattern sewing to create clothing with Blender's cloth simulation module in a familiar way as cloth simulation...
  15. Lobo3433

    Blender & Daz Studio

    Not sure if anyone has bought this up or mentioned this add on for working with Daz Genesis figures inside of Blender. The tool is primarily for creating morph targets but I feel it has potential for so much more and it is under continuous development Khalibloo Panel and can be found here...
  16. Darryl

    Looking for landscape materials for Blender Internal

    Hi folks, I stumbled across a Cycles based landscape material that I've been using with Blender's ANT Landscape add on. It puts a grassy surface on flat areas of the mesh and a rocky surface on the more vertical areas. It's similar I think to how materials are set up in Terradome. I wondered if...
  17. Darryl

    A simple texturing question

    A couple of questions actually. Looking at the Blender docs regarding displacement it says you need a subdivided object because displacement depends on moving actual vertices. Makes sense but i don't remember this being an issue in Poser. I didn't notice displacement being dependent on the...
  18. Gadget Girl

    Accessing UV Maps in Blender

    Okay so Miss B has already given me some wonderful help to get me started in Blender. So this started over here where I'm trying to make my first piece of clothing. I created it in Marvelous Designer, which did do UV mapping for me. In fact if I take a screen shot of the UV map in MD and add it...
  19. DigiDotz

    3d Humanoids blender addon

    Another distraction ! Release notes for ManuelBastioniLab 1.1.0 Its a Blender Addon to generate humanoid figures. Impressed with the very clear license terms of use on this. Might try it tonight
  20. Alisa

    MEC4D Tutorial -Preserve Polygroups after Importing model to Daz Studio Mini-Tutorial

    Cath (MEC4D) is dealing with some family issues at this time. I spoke to her via email and asked if she'd mind my re-posting this mini-tutorial she has at our old forums, since I'd saved the images to my hard drive...