Blender FigureShaders for Poser figures 0.6.0

Figure Shaders

  1. Robynsveil
    FigureShaders is a script to give humanoid figures imported into Blender: skin, eyes and mouth shaders using an image set. These image sets are usually provided by the figure or character maker. The script runs in a panel [ T ] in the context of the the 3D Viewport window.

    Currently - as of 11-May-2018 - the most recent version is 0.6.0. The Principled Shader Node is probably not the best approach for rendering skin, but it is easy to work with and will give decent results until a more sophisticated note set can be devised.

    FigureShaders requires Blender 2.79 or newer to work properly, largely because it takes advantage of a new shader node called PrincipledShader.
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