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  1. Twizted Hair Shaders 2

    Twizted Hair Shaders 2

    Twizted Hair Shaders 2 by TwiztedMetal
  2. Twizted Shaders Vol 1 by TwiztedMetal

    Twizted Shaders Vol 1 by TwiztedMetal

    Twizted Shaders Vol 1 by TwiztedMetal
  3. Redspark

    Toon Up Tutorials

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my three Toon Up tutorials with you on making a simple toon skin shader and various ways of making a toon outline including how to create a geometric outline without using the most recent version of Poser. I hope this will be useful to some. Thanks.
  4. Robynsveil

    Blender FigureShaders for Poser figures 0.6.0

    FigureShaders is a script to give humanoid figures imported into Blender: skin, eyes and mouth shaders using an image set. These image sets are usually provided by the figure or character maker. The script runs in a panel [ T ] in the context of the the 3D Viewport window. Currently - as of...
  5. ibr_remote

    Defalt Paul 2 Asian Torso spec map is wrong

    In case you are driven to madness trying to figure out why the new Paul 2 Asian's neck and body render with strange marks on them: the specular map provided in the default material shader is the wrong one !! Somehow, the legs specular was assigned... Need to manually change that. After you...
  6. Ken1171

    Trouble with HSV shader node in Firefly

    When I use the HSV shader node in Firefly to change a texture color from red to blue, the blue shows with red speckles all over the material. It seems to only partially change the color, leaving random speckles of the original texture color showing. These speckles show in both previews and...
  7. Gadget Girl

    Backfacing polygons in SF

    So an interesting thing happened. I've made a very simple shader to give a raw silk sort of look. Interestingly the backfiring polygons in Superfly and turning black, and I'm not sure why. When I add an image map, I get a shadowed version of it on the other side, but for some reason without one...
  8. Gadget Girl

    How to Compare FF and SF in the Material Room? (oh, and Normal Maps)

    So I'm working on some cloth materials, and I want to be able to compare what the Superfly and Firefly versions look like so I can get them similar. I'm assuming the best way to do this is to make a root node for each, and have the 'eye' open so I can see what they look like. So first off, I...
  9. 3dcheapskate

    Animatable LED Counters, Clocks, Etc, Using The Material Room

    While trying to get a grip on the Du, Dv, dPdu, dPdv, dNdu and dNdv I created a very simplistic 'ten digit visualizer' in the Poser material room. The MT5 is posted on ShareCG here Ten Digit Visualizer (Poser MT5) - Poser - ShareCG if anybody wants to play. In the comments on that ShareCG page...