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Blender Cloth Weaver Extra Tools Panel Add-on 0.1

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This is a supplement add-on ONLY for the Blender add-on: Cloth Weaver. It adds additional functionality tools I use while working with CW.

Cloth Weaver is an add-on that utilizes flat pattern sewing to create clothing with Blender's cloth simulation module in a familiar way as cloth simulation software such as Marvelous Designer. It can be found at the Blender Market.

Install is simple; Just add the included add-on script to Blender's "addons_contrib" folder, and activate through Add-ons Tab in User Preferences as with other add-ons.
(Located under Support Level: "Testing")

Please, make sure Cloth Weaver is already activated, as this will add two new panels to the CW Tab. Note: It can be activated without CW, but functionality is tied to CW, so you won't get much use out of it on it's own.

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