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Cloth Weaver Extra Tools Panel Add-on 0.1

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DaremoK3 submitted a new resource:

Cloth Weaver Extra Tools Panel Add-on - Extra tools panel for Cloth Weaver add-on

This is a supplement add-on ONLY for the Blender add-on: Cloth Weaver. It adds additional functionality tools I use while working with CW.

Cloth Weaver is an add-on that utilizes flat pattern sewing to create clothing with Blender's cloth simulation module in a familiar way as cloth simulation software such as Marvelous Designer. It can be found at the Blender Market.

Install is simple; Just add the included add-on script to Blender's "addons_contrib" folder, and activate through Add-ons...

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Hi all...

If you have the Cloth Weaver add-on for Blender, this supplement add-on for CW might be helpful to you.

I created this add-on for Blender to supplement Cloth Weaver's tools. It adds a little bit more functionality to the work-flow such as auto-setup for a collision object, and a couple of other tools. I created it for faster, ease of use in using the Cloth Weaver add-on. You may, or may not like it, but if you have Cloth Weaver, go ahead and add this to it, and see if it helps you as well.

If you don't like it, just disable (and delete) it, and CW will be it's normal self again minus two extra helpful panels.


You install this add-on the same as all other Blender add-ons by adding the script to the addons_contrib folder, and activate in the Add-ons Tab in User Preferences under the Testing level.

01 - How to activate add-on after install:


* Shows example of how I set up Cloth Weaver Panels to add my extra panels at the bottom.

02 - Cloth Weaver extra panels added to Cloth Weaver add-on:


You can rearrange the panels in the Cloth Weaver Tab however you see fit. I find my setup the most optimal for usage while using it to create clothing.


Okay, let's talk about the tools...

There are two new panels added to the CW tab. First up is the Cloth Weaver Extra Tools panel.

The buttons:

1. Make Cloth Asymmetrical - By default, CW creates garment patterns symmetrically (when pressing "Create Base Plane" button). This button is for when you are using CW, but want to create a garment pattern asymmetrically.

2. Remove Pinning - CW's preset cloth patterns have pinning enabled for the sewing/draping process. Sometimes it is needed, and sometimes you might want to release the pinning for more natural draping. This button is just a quick way to release the pins. It is not a toggle button like the one in the cloth simulation settings, but if you need the pinning back, that is where you will be heading (though, resetting pinning back on will reset your cloth drape as well).

3. Apply Cloth Sim / Retain Shape - This one is pretty self-evident. You want to apply the cloth sim to the mesh to retain the shape (you are happy with at whichever frame you are on). If you don't apply the cloth sim, you will lose your shape if you use Edit Mode, or alter cloth sim settings, all of which resets the cloth sim to frame 1 shaping.

4. Add New Sim To Cloth - Also self-evident. After making edits, or ready for animated/posing draping, just press this button, and the cloth simulation is ready to go again. Note: This just adds the default settings, so you will need to adjust in the cloth sim tab to your needs.

5. Restore Previous -- Alternative - This button is my version of CW's "Restore Previous" button which restores the cloth patterns backup to pre-drape on first frame. Differences are that mine is tied to button 6, and will delete current simmed cloth (must be selected), but can work the same as original version by not selecting cloth before use (will not delete cloth).

6. Rename Object To "Cloth" - This button is for auto-naming cloth patterns mesh to "Cloth". It is for temporary use while working with a single cloth mesh for use with button 5 above, and the Collision Object Panel.

Next up is the second panel; The Collision Object Panel. It all started from this one...

The buttons:

1. Create Collision - This button will auto-setup a collision object including renaming to "Avatar" (possible change to "Col_Obj" in future) for use with CW cloth creation, and the Collision Object selection buttons.

2. Collision Object (selection buttons) - This set of buttons mimics the selection/viability buttons in the Outliner, but are tied to "Avatar", and "Cloth". There are four buttons:
a) Selectable (On/Off) - Avatar (collision object) only. Allow collision object to be selectable or not in 3D Viewport.
b) Hidden (On/Off) - Avatar (collision object) only. Allow collision object to be hidden or not in 3D Viewport.
c) Select - Selects the collision object, makes it the active object, and deselects other objects.
d) Deselect - Deselects the collision object (and makes non-selectable), and re-selects the "Cloth" cloth mesh. Use this for quick cloth selection when needed as well.

3. Collision Distance Settings (see image below) - This is a live action slider (tied to physics/collision tab) to adjust the collision object collision settings while cloth mesh is draping. This is just a quicker way then what Alex shows in his CW videos to make edits on mesh for poke-throughs. You can adjust entire mesh without going into Edit Mode, though, depending on your creation, that still may be needed to correct details. It is not available by default, and will appear when you press the Create Collision button.

Collision Distance Settings slider enabled:

That should cover it for now. I had prepared a bunch of animated GIF's showing usage, but they are too big (file size) for the forums, so if anyone has any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask.

*EDIT: An important usage note; CW has in place coding to smooth the cloth mesh (smooth normals, not SubD), but has counter coding which disables the mesh before this is enacted in step 2 - Sew Clothing. So, before you press the second step button, re-select your cloth mesh.
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