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Mischief and other things


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Wow, beginning to feel like a nurse lately.
Been doing mine and my brother Paul's vitals for the Virtual Team to assess.
My appointment to get blood work up on glucose and thyroid was early yesterday morning but the daughter not feeling well thought it was for the sixth, now we have to reset it.
Ans there is still the appointment with the lung specialist and the eye doc.

I am hoping they find the cause of this extreme exhaustion and weakness that is hitting me so much.
It is hindering my ability to work on my products.

But still my daughter and I have some very interesting text conversations because of it.
Some of what I type is utter non-sense to me but somehow that woman understands what I meant, gives us a big laugh.
Life is too short to allow it to make me cranky so it helps to be able to laugh when I do silly stuff.

I did not finish before I hit "post".
Wanted to add this... :laugh:


I myself am sort of proud right at the moment, I mow my mothers seven acre estate during the summer, it is painful. I have to wear big thick gloves because of the vibration. It tires me out and beats me up pretty good, but I think it is helping and yes I had to force myself and really make a commitment... Feels sort of weird, I used to build commercial buildings, operate heavy equipment, now it is all I can handle to ride a mower.....Yep, I just hanging in there, barely


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
It has been a busy day for me.
I worked on three sets of material files for the Bejeweled Horse sets Rae and I are doing.
And sorted through five large plastic totes to see what to keep and what to throw away.
Mom was a collector and somewhere along the line I collected stuff too, nothing valuable but we thought it might be needed someday. :laugh:

It has been four years now since Mom has been gone and I still haven't sorted everything like I should, just so painful.
But out out the five totes I saved enough to fill about half a small tote.
The rest was mostly trash.

Strange that what seems so important to keep when you are younger is just trash when you get older.
A lot of the stuff was mine and I don't even remember why I thought it was needed.

I saved out one big box of soft sculpt dolls that I made in the eighties and through the years.
They will be given to my niece to do with as she wants, either to keep sell or give away.
My daughter had first choice and said she doesn't want them.
There is a total of eight or nine dolls in a larger size and at least five or six small dolls.
It is time for them to go, we need room more than we need them.

All that work has tired me out and made me very, very hungry. :sleep:
Good thing my daughter is fixing dinner. :)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Ohhh, dinner was good, Parmesan chicken with noodles smothered in white cheese sauce.
For dessert she made a fruit salad with tiny marshmallows and cool whip...yummy. :)


I need to come to your house to eat, my wife knows how to fix chicken three ways, well to be honest I can have a number of different ways long as I do the cooking...lol I am a good cook...Ever had smoked chicken? Oh, I make a really good smoked chicken.... Our birds how ever prefer it fried. My bird Bud, a blue and gold Macaw is very picky, he will not eat left overs of any kind... Worked out at my mothers today and had to grab something to eat on the way there. McDonalds...don't usually eat there and have not for a while. It was so strange see McDonalds have had a major menu change. They are making their burgers from real hamburger now so they say anyway...At any rate it was a major taste change...

My mother bought ear protection for me to wear and insisted I use them when mowing and I insisted they have a built in MP3 player I loaded mine up and rocked my way through seven acres in a little over two and a half hours. ran over a baby coon... Now as it turns out it was already a few days dead, but It was sure a shock to see things like paws, ears and the tail come shooting out of the chute on that big mower.... Got to see a very freshly born fawn. It could barely walk and was still wet from birth...My mother feeds her deer and considers them pets. The purple martins where flying all around me catching the insects I was stiring up by mowing... My mother still remains concerned that mowing is too much for me, but being out there in nature is so much fun. I can't go off in the woods with my camera any more being in a wheel chair most of the time, but my mother has made her land a sort of nature reserve and I love it...

One of my favorite aunts decided to pass away yesterday...I say decided as she decided to stop the treatment that was keeping her alive. I guess I liked her so much as she always considered my art work amazing. She was a farmer, yea, she was rough and tough and knew nothing about computers, by farmer I do mean farmer...My uncle drove a truck and she tended and ran the farm... She lived and died on her own terms....I loved the time I spent out there as a boy bailing hay and milking cows....


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Some good news for a change, the eye doctor said I don't need laser surgery and no need for new glasses.
My clouded vision is possibly caused by the "Clear Eyes" eye drops.
It causes a contraction of the skin and especially inside the eye causing the cloudiness.
I now have a prescription eye drops, "Oasis" that should help.
So here's me doing a happy dance...:happydance:

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Oh that's good news FL. I use Refresh Optive Advanced myself. Both my Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist recommend it.


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
I thought that I might end up getting into mischief today.
The daughter and her family had plans to spend the day at a pool then the park for bbq.
That would have meant I would have to fix dinner for me and my brothers as the one from out of state was coming to visit.
However a rainstorm ended their plans so they were back here when brother two arrived.
Good thing as I wound up so weak I had to nap a couple of hours.
So I have had a full day away from my computer and now it's bedtime.


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Managed some mischief last night, put a dozen eggs on to boil and by the time I got into my room I forgot they were on.
My brother Paul was sleeping on the couch and heard a couple loud pops.
He thought it was the refrigerator but when several more loud ones went off he went to investigate.
Poor dog jumped up and started barking, she thought it was shots.
My eggs had exploded and the pan was dry. :laugh:

today I did a little work on some 3d, doing some new horse textures.
now I'm going to call it a night.