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Mischief and other things


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Well last night I had an experience with a rather small spider.
I really do not like them.
Once upon a time I would give out a really loud girly scream and run if I spied one of the critters.
However, there came a time when that ended real quick.
I had a small bedroom and a twin bed.
My bed was situated with the head against one wall and the side against another with the foot and other side free.
I was sitting with my back against the wall and pillows behind me for support while I worked on my computer stuff.
Somehow I felt a strange urge to roll my eyes to the side and there was a huge black spider just inches from my head.
Well I tell you I jumped, ran to my doorway and screeched!
You would think since there were others in the house someone would have heard and ran to my aid, but no!
I stood trembling in fear, and then anger set in, I have a nasty temper at times.
I glared at that critter and thought to myself,
"Why am I so afraid of that?
It is much smaller than me and it has no right to scare the be-jabbers out of me!" then I edged into the room.
I pointed my finger at it and in a very stern, angry voice said "Drop dead you stupid thing".
As I stood watching it slowly let loose of the wall and fell behind my bed.
I went to get a broom to smack it with and pulled my bed out from the wall.
But there that little sucker was with it's legs up in the air, dead.

And that little critter last night would not heed my warning when I told it to stop crawling across the ceiling, closer to my bed.
It paid the ultimate price because now I just smack the goo out of them or stomp the innards out of them. :roflmao:


The Wicked Witch of the North
Spiders are allowed to live on my boat as long as they 1/ are not whitetails and 2/ they don't try to interact with me. This means don't come anywhere near my actual space nor poop in it (spider poop on your furnishings is gross). Mostly we coexist but sometimes the spray comes out...


What a great time to tell one of my stories. Now in Europe they have very different looking commodes. you don't sit on them you you squat over them, Well on this day his wife goes to battle with a spider. She has a spray bottle full of bug spray though and after dropping him in the commode she makes double sure that pesky spider is dead. ... Well dead

About this time her husband comes home from work and smoking his usual cigar he makes a needed trip to the bath room. He gets in position, drops trouser, drops the butt of his cigar in the commode hole and a seven foot tall flame comes leaping out of the commode. Her husband is now injured and the bath room is on fire. She calls the fire department. The paramedics come with them. Now it just so happens he lives atop a hill. and to get to the ambulance they have to carry him down the hill on a stretcher. All the while the firemen are asking the wife what caused the fire. Laughter erupts. The paramedics get to laughing so hard they drop the poor fellow down the hill he goes... now he has a broken arm as well as a fresh toasted bum.....

True story, read it in the paper several years ago....lol


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Before STL passed a law that all houses must convert to inside toilets they had out houses.
Those were alway great homes for spiders...ugh!
Last outhouse there was in the fifties and I was still a young girl and we had to share one with others in our yard.
I hate outhouses to this day!


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
On another note, since the Sandbox seems to be for a mishmash of things, here is a poem I wrote some time agao.
No, I have never taken illegal drugs but knew others who did.
and unfortunately for me, a doctor I had gave me a few antidepressants and a tranquilizer that should not have been used together.
I spent more than a year in a living hell over it.
So I imagined that illicit drugs would do the same, hence the poem.

Sweet Dreams

He said he wished me sweet dreams

But then he sent me nightmares, it seems

I shouldn’t have put my trust in what he said

How was I to know he’d mess with my head

Promised me wondrous things and many delights

Instead he gave me horror and terror filled nights

Dark demon, blotting out the moon’s bright beams

Filling all my lonely nights with his dark dreams

Dark demon, he talks sweetly, giving gentle hugs

Smiling as he supplies the needles and the drugs

Wake up, wake up, don’t trust him, he’s using you

He’s a demon, demon and master of dark dreams too


You know if there was one thing I would do differently in life it would have been to be not so blind, I know it is part of being young but going through half my life not looking ahead more then six foot in front of my feet into the future. I missed so much, simply never saw it as it went by...Problem with getting older is you get to see every wrong turn...Makes you very thankful nobody killed your dumb a$$ for going through half your life looking at the world through your pants zipper....

From the Humor of Carey Feazrel


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Sitting here while trying to do some 3d work and my mind keeps wandering.
Right now I am just wondering why some people who are just pure evil can get away with what they do and get away with making life hell for others...sigh.

I hope I can keep my mind off it and on my work, I have enough problems without more.

Wish I could learn to understand Blacksmith 3d or Blender enough to use their painting techniques but that really takes some concentration.


Ah my problem is when my mind wanders...I follow it..as far as black smith.. It is all about using your magic wand correctly...It is "Lev e o so", not, " lev e o sa".....lol In other words I am on the same path as you are to enlightenment "Grass Hopper"... He y I am doing really good right now. I can now uv map... That only took me ten years to finally get my head wrapped around....pun intended... I have set a goal... To fully understand BS before I die...It will be a long life...


The Wicked Witch of the North
Right now I am just wondering why some people who are just pure evil can get away with what they do and get away with making life hell for others...sigh.

This is the downside of being empathic. If you cannot put yourself in another's shoes, it doesn't worry you. I'd rather be an empathic person, as you are, and sit wondering why these things happen, than be the uncaring person who can either do it, or read about it and not care. We are better than they are, all the time, everytime.


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
No mischief today, just other things.
Our nurse came out with all the gadgets for virtual Care.
We are set up and now each day we have our vitals taken and can talk to a nurse by video.
This is great and they will be able to tell if we need immediate ER care or another prescription change.
There is a digital blood pressure cuff, an oxymeter and a scale all connected by Wifi to the group.
Maybe this will tell them what is going on with my oxygen levels.
And take some worry off us about my brother when he gets pale and shaky.
I'm loving it! :)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Day before yesterday I got into more mischief.
My daughter was busy trying to patch and fix the walls and ceiling in her room so I decided to re-arrange mine.
Well to make a long story short, there was a lot of lifting, tugging and shifting and piling stuff on my bed as well.
I had to keep going to clear it all before it was ready so I could have my bed free to sleep in again.
Unfortunately I wayyyyy overdid it and still do not feel like doing much. :(

So yesterday and last night I spent re-arranging the items on my computer...a lot easier than doing the room was. :roflmao:
Now I have all my items where I can find them and when I open Poser they are neatly in place. :D


The Wicked Witch of the North
Always the way, isn't it? Start off small then several hours later "whose idea was THAT?!". I do like organising on my computer far more than my real life ;)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Since starting this Virtual Care deal, my brother and I have been busy each morning.
We have to get up, potty and then weigh before any food or drink, take out BP and oxygen count.
After that we get to do what ever we feel like until conference time.
So far the conference has been five days a week but recently cut to three.
Today our nurse said he wants me to try and up my exercise on the bike from twenty minutes to thirty.
But he wants that thirty to be continuous, I told him okay but if I end up at the ER and die I'll come back and haunt him. :roflmao:
So I did it today....YAY! :happyflip:
But I am really tired now.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Exercise is good for you, even if it tires you out for a while. I take my BP twice a day, once before breakfast, and and again before dinner.


I don't do any of that, I fought and fought for years what I have going on. All I got was increasing pain and, heavy reliance on pain killers and many many sleepless nights... I have spent my time laying in a death bed, praying for that final long sleep. I don't take my blood pressure for the same reason I don't watch scary movies. Yes I know, if I don't keep fighting it I am going to die...but you know, I sleep a lot better these days. Now I am full of support and admiration for any one that wants to make a real fight of it. Well I take that back a little bit, I still mow my mother's seven acre lawn at what I call her mansion...lol

It takes me six hours to mow it and two days to recover....lol

You get my best well wishes, support and understanding,