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HiveWire Family Welcome Home Challenge WIP Thread


Contributing Artist
Edit 2-27-2016: Winners have been chosen:
Congratulations to the Welcome Home Contest Winners!!

Thanks to all who entered!


Join our HiveWire Family "Welcome Home" Render Challenge
to celebrate the return of the Hive!

Show us how much you missed the forums and the HiveWire Family with your take on the Hive Family. Make us smile and laugh when we view your renders.*

Renders must include the following:
  • Minimum of Dawn and Dusk and one other HiveWire figure (including Luna and Harry the HiveWire Horse)
  • Renders must have a theme of Family and/or Welcome Home.
Submitted Images must meet forum guidelines
  • 1600 x 1600 pixel maximum image dimensions
  • 1MB max file size for images
  • 10MB max file size for video
Maximum of 3 entries can be entered.

You must abide by the HiveWire 3D Terms Of Service.​

This thread is for chatting about the challenge and for posting your progress, meaning you can post your images here to show us how you are doing before you finalize your render.

When you have decided your image is final post here with the words Finished Render at the start of the post. We will collect the finished renders, assign them a number and your title and transfer them to the actual Contest Thread for blind judging. No artist information will be shown in the actual contest thread.

Categories and Prizes
1st Place
2nd place
  • 1000 Reward Points
3rd place
  • 500 Reward Points
Additional Categories
  • Most Creative 250 Reward Points
  • Most Humorous 250 Reward Points
  • Most Loving Family 250 Reward Points
  • Best Artistic Image 250 Reward Points
  • Video 250 Reward Points
Render Challenge closes at midnight, February 9th, 2016(MST)
Please post your final renders here in this thread.
At the start of the post put Finished Render and the Title of Your Image.

*Caution: Please do not view renders while drinking coffee. No responsibility is taken by the Hive for coffee splattered monitors.
Judges: Seliah, Miss B


HW3D Vice President & Queen Bee
Staff member
Welcome Home everyone!

Can't wait to see what that looks like to you!

Enjoy creating!


Contributing Artist
No it can be whatever size you want as long as it's smaller than the size stated. I would recommend not going smaller than 1000 x 1000 just to give yourself a chance to show to the best advantage though.


Contributing Artist
I don't seem to have much time for play lately...Looking forward to seeing what others do though:)


Contributing Artist
Thanks Pen, I do have problems when its too big so normally render around 600x480 for a complex scene and thought that would be too small :)


Contributing Artist
No...your images are normally great and if that's the size you're doing them that's fine. The larger sizes have the advantage of giving more detail but that isn't always the way to go. I know some people have restrictions on size due to computer capability. I wouldn't want that to stop anyone from entering...


Contributing Artist
Finished Render

phew, to get it a decent size I had to render this as 3 separate renders and combine it in Photoshop due to stupid small computer (nothing else done except layer the 3 renders, no colour correction etc) rendered in Iray (around 2+ hours for each render).

First time I've played with depth of field inside of Daz, I think it turned out ok. :p


Contributing Artist
Well worth the effort Rae! What a lovely render...I love the way you posed Dawn and Dusk. Lovely sense of closeness...


Contributing Artist
Hi Luane, I really love both of these renders and I hate having to say this, but unfortunately they don't meet the guidelines.

See below taken from first post:
  • Minimum of Dawn and Dusk and one other HiveWire figure (including Luna and Harry the HiveWire Horse)
The renders need to have both Dawn and Dusk....I'm so sorry!


Busy Bee
Uh oh, I guess I didn't read all the specs carefully enough. Sorry. Disregard. Feel free to delete them, as I don't seem to see where I can delete them on my end.


HW Honey Bear
Er, how can it be "blind judging" when we see the finished render POSTED BY THE ARTIST? *confused* Can there be a gallery where someone in charge can "recveve them somehow and then could upload them FOR US to the render challenge GALLEY ?