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  1. My New Great-Grand-daughter!

    My New Great-Grand-daughter!

  2. My Family Team

    My Family Team

  3. Family Photo Day 2

    Family Photo Day 2

  4. Family Photo Day

    Family Photo Day

  5. Family Portrait at the Park

    Family Portrait at the Park

    Dawn has LeoLees free Tanya morph, with Faery_Lights Birkitta texture (coming soon). Dusk has the new sculpted headshape and Faery_Lights Alaric II textures and whats a family without a couple of brats umm children, Axel and Diva :)
  6. Foxy Family

    Foxy Family

    a happy family!


    Created for Renderosity Christmas Contest 2015 note: Didn't win... but I wanted to share it anyway. :)
  8. Pendraia

    HiveWire Family Welcome Home Challenge WIP Thread

    Edit 2-27-2016: Winners have been chosen: Congratulations to the Welcome Home Contest Winners!! Thanks to all who entered! ******************************************* Join our HiveWire Family "Welcome Home" Render Challenge to celebrate the return of the Hive! Show us how much you missed...
  9. LisaB

    What happened and where we have been ...

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We certainly do wish you all well, and hope you've enjoyed creating wonderful holiday memories with your family and friends. As we begin a new year we do so with gratitude for all we have to be thankful for in our association with you, our valued contributing...