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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


HW Honey Bear
Oh yes. I've seen them do that, too. Usually just before they launch themselves to somewhere you'd rather they not be.


Contributing Artist
Our cats would get frantic about little things moving about fast. We never had to buy that red light because a fly would do the trick just the same. Or a spider, or a beetle,....just something they could chase over the floor. I tried to capture that in the second hunting pose.


When a pose is very challenging I like to distract myself with something completely else. One 'distraction' are these little Diva's. I started working on them today.


Hugz from Pom


Contributing Artist
Finished up a couple and started a new one today.



And the new one is going to be a handfull again. Our cats use to trott and trample with their hindlegs against anything they considered prey and they had caught. I am going to try to emulate that as good as possible but it is a hard one though....
I'm using Poser Primitives as reference points for the poses by the way.


Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
Those are some fantastic cat poses. Obviously done by someone who's watched how cats move. Which makes me realize I haven't played with the house cat as much as I've meant to. Maybe that's the thing I should be doing before I dive into learning some new stuff in Blender.


Contributing Artist
We had cats for 25 years, now we have our first dog since then but we were a feline household. My inspiration comes from my dear-dear furbabies. Two of them helped me create for Poser on a daily base

Homer, my magical cat


And Midas, always there, always next to me


Hey-hey, Selfie with human


I miss them still every day.