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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
humm probably feed me, pet me and give me 3/4 of the bed :lol: Isn't that what most Felines demand?

Can't wait to see what you come up with


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Spend the whole morning figuring out how to set up my fave-workspace in Daz......


Got my Hivewire folder/menu-thing, installed everything so far. Giving myself a thumbs up! Well done Pommie!
And then.......


.....her again??!! Whaaaa


Contributing Artist
Just above your left ear of your cat is a sphere with two lines crossing. If you click on the triangle at the bottom left near it a list of ways to view should show up. Looks like you have it set to wireframe. I normally use texture shaded for 3Delight , Iray I sometimes change to the iray setting but generally leave it as the computer slows with the iray setting for me.


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Just keeping you all a bit up to date. Since there are a few projects - that I started before kitty came along - I'm working on.
One or two in a programm I'm quite familliar with and one or two that are made in a programm I'm giving another chance. Yessss, I'm trying to create poses in Daz3 so you all will have to be a bit patient with me. I'm not going to say wich character or characters I'm posing, some things need to stay a mystery don't you think.
Kitty is doing fine,....


I've started this one as the first of a sequel of 4 in wich you can follow the jump. Maybe if people wish to create a cycle/animation these will help out a bit. I'm using the rock as a reference to create the poses but the finished ones will be located on the ground.

Things will be finished slowly for the next two months. I do have a garden to tend to and the soil is poor.
If I feed it and nurish it well now it will save me loads and loads of work in future.

Hugz from Pommerlis


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Working hard on the cat, have been brewing on animating but that's quite new and complicated to me. Since I am a very picky person and I want it as realistic as possible, an animation is frustrating to me but I manage to have some fun anyway.
Hope the vimeo link works, been fiddling with this and figuring out how to post this a day now.....LOL

In the meantime I have worked on some poses for the Big Kitty. I'll concentrate on those now since animating takes up sooooooo much time it isn't funny anymore.
Three are finished now......




Hugz from Pommerlis


Contributing Artist
OMG!! Those are Awesome and very Kewl animation!! Those will be fantastic for the cougar!!

I don't mind helping in Daz if you need it, but Seliah is really the master of Poses in there.

I sort of have a request/suggestion for hopefully when Ken and Laurie's wings are out and well they are going to have all this morph magic with the different animals. Is there a way you can do a pose like sort of ermm...... flying like a griffin? They don't show it in the pictures but the tail would be like in the S shape curves they have in the big cat morphs.

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Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Couldn't help but play around a bit, just to see if the poses would suit to be animated. I'm not quite happy with the set of, need to fiddle on that a bit but I reckon that animators can tweak well enough for the still pose to be good enough.



Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Working on a couple of things - among wich a flying cat ;) - but also the Big Cat himself.
Oddly enough a simple laid back lying pose was the hardest to do, weird......
Had to do with his paw.....



The running poses were relatively easier to finish. Inspired by the Cheetah, my personal favorite of all.....



....and then there's the crouching pose.....