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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


HW3D Vice President & Queen Bee
Staff member
Working on a couple of things - among wich a flying cat ;) - but also the Big Cat himself.
Oddly enough a simple laid back lying pose was the hardest to do, weird......
Had to do with his paw.....

View attachment 18877

View attachment 18878

The running poses were relatively easier to finish. Inspired by the Cheetah, my personal favorite of all.....

View attachment 18879

View attachment 18880

....and then there's the crouching pose.....

View attachment 18881

View attachment 18882
Looking great, Pommerlis! :)


HW3D President
Staff member
Love seeing your work. It's always impressive, and will surely add value to the big cat.


Contributing Artist


Contributing Artist
I stanz,....mostly on tiny places where I keepz the balance.....


And then there is the 'buttwiggle',....people who are devoted staff to their cats will know what I mean with that.
I'm trying to capture it as detailed as possible but for now I'll leave this one be. You see, there is always that one particular pose that just won't give over, that defies me. Usually it will take me the whole time that I work on a set before it's finished. So for this one I will look for some more, clearer photographs of the 'buttwiggle' to use as reference before I'll continue with that one.


I thought of using my own cats - bless their souls - but somehow I only have pictures of them laying about the place...