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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
It's been a while since I kept you all updated but it's been very busy times for us. First there was this election-thing - wich is still continuing untill the men in suits form a coalition of some sorts wich nobody voted for and then the great nagging begins. The my wife became 50 on the 17th of March and we had to celebrate that.
Well, the caravan was our gift to ourselves when I became 50 last year - a bit like for both our 50th birthdays and christmas in between :D
Last but not least, the camping-season starts at the 1th of April and the outside of our spot has to be spotless. Meaning clear up the dead leaves, clean garden paths and finish the big renovations or keep them out of view.
I did do some poser work though, let's see,....uhmmm,...what was I working on....

Ahhh yes, these little critters....


I have finished the set so far, now I start to finish them up in DazStudio so they can be tested.
And there is still feeling that there is a part 2 coming on of something I did before....you kow, because little children grow bigger :whistling:



Contributing Artist
Awe ......... Love the Scratch pose and Way Cute with the Diva poses too!! I see a Daddy's girl ! LOL my niece sure is one!!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
What am I up to,...uhmmmm, taking a little break from poses and struggling with textile.
Can you guys guess what dress?!
If I had to guess, I'd say Satira's Clarette Rose dress. If so, are you planning to texture the hat as well?