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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


Contributing Artist
I might use that tan/camel color you have for that one diamond in the back mirror it on the font portion and then also bring it into the two diamonds on the side near the bottom. Up to you though experiment and see what you like.

Really liking the last two you have posted!!


Working on a couple of things - among wich a flying cat ;) - but also the Big Cat himself.
Oddly enough a simple laid back lying pose was the hardest to do, weird......
Had to do with his paw.....

View attachment 18877

View attachment 18878

The running poses were relatively easier to finish. Inspired by the Cheetah, my personal favorite of all.....

View attachment 18879

View attachment 18880

....and then there's the crouching pose.....

View attachment 18881

View attachment 18882
Dude (dudette?) those poses are fantastic!


Contributing Artist
I have been working hard on creating poses for DazStudio, I feel I have been neglecting it a bit so I have been converting some poses for Genesis Male & Female. Like the ballroom poses.
But since HE is being a pain in the you-know-what I have to place them on the backburner a bit.


In base it al looks quite nice after re-posing the distorted bodyparts a bit. Simply applying the poses for Dawn & Dusk on to Gen3 is bringing a weird result so after correcting the mistakes this is what I got.
And then....HIS hands.


It just won't work the same way as I created the hands for Dusk, I have to figure a way around the limited options for the phalanxes and the ball of the thumb. Since I do not want to throw my laptop out of the window in sheer frustration I have decided to take a break from them a bit.
If all of these poses are going to take this long it will be a while. So I started to created some single poses for the Genesis3 people, to get to know them better.

Gen3 InStylePose02.jpg

Let's see if I can get a nice little sweet deal-set for these.