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  1. Little boy and Kitty.jpg

    Little boy and Kitty.jpg

  2. Halloweenicorn


    I started with this version, but couldn't decide which one I like better, and I wasn't sure about the fog, so I did the other one on the Path to Halloween. They are both cute. I also ended up with a silhouette from a lighting mishap that I liked, too.
  3. On the Path to Halloween

    On the Path to Halloween

    HiveWire3d Luna (Frilled Dress) HiveWire3d Horse (Unicorn, Frisian, Shetland) HiveWire3d Housecat (Catula, Siamese, Homelife Kitten Poses) Bewitching Hat Storybook Pumpkin Harkwood Trail Rendered in Daz Studio Postwork in PD Howler (Fireflies)
  4. Little Sprouts Sticking Together in a Big Scary World

    Little Sprouts Sticking Together in a Big Scary World

    Created for the #We are all in this Together Render Contest.
  5. Burnished Copper

    Burnished Copper

    soft pastels, Lisa's Botanicals Tulips
  6. LazyHazy Days of Summer

    LazyHazy Days of Summer

  7. Butterfly


  8. Spring Strut2-sm

    Spring Strut2-sm

    HiveWire Horse with Chocolate Beauty Skins HiveWire Housecat and Kittens with CWRWs marvelous skins Background from Immortal Moments Arts "Hi-Above" Landscape pack. Time to take the babies for a walk.
  9. Winged Forest Catula

    Winged Forest Catula

    HW House Cat, CWRW Orange Tabby, Catula Morphs
  10. Saiyaness

    LAMH Presets for the Hivewire3D House Cat

    EDIT August 4 2017: The 3 presets - Short, Short 2 and Long, are now available for free in the HiveWire Store! Click on the thumbnail image below: ****************************************************** Hey all, sorry for not submitting these days ago, but I've had more trouble with the...
  11. TaishoBee

    Calico Fur for HW Kitten

    I'm looking for a calico fur texture the house cat/kitten. My kitten's name is Maggie Mae and she's a beautiful cali. I can't do fur myself. I don't know the proper place to ask for one.
  12. guaiamustudio

    Alien Cat

    Hi everyone!!! Guaiamu here ^^ Friends, i'm creating an Alien Cat! (I know the idea is strange haha!) This is the work so far. What you guys think? There's something you wanted to see on it? :) Cheers!!
  13. Wasteland Critters

    Wasteland Critters

  14. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    When a Pose breaks/laps the mesh

    Is there some way to fix it when an extreme pose causes the mesh to lap over or hide behind/inside? For example I'm working on a "Bast" type pose, where the cat sits up very tall with the tail curled around the feet. I have them in the pose, but the stomach laps over itself. I would just...
  15. What'cha Doin'?

    What'cha Doin'?

    Luna as Deirdre, HW HouseCat, HW Horse-Vanner Skin, Shetland morph, my customizing. Post work in FilterForge and PD Howler 10
  16. IStanz 03

    IStanz 03

    Trying out one of the poses I'm working on for the HWHousecat
  17. Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva for Dawn Amira Skin and Skyla eyes
  18. Ginger-cat-2