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Little Sprouts Sticking Together in a Big Scary World
Dakorillon (IMArts)

Little Sprouts Sticking Together in a Big Scary World

Created for the #We are all in this Together Render Contest.
Products used:
HiveWire HouseCat with Savannah skin by CWRW and PuddyTat pose by Pomerlis
Dawn with Nissa Character by Enchantment
Pose for Nissa from Diva and Friend by Pomerlis
Swirling Archana Outfit by Ryverthorn
Haiwaiian Hula Outfit by Ken Gilliand
TrollDroll Hair
Lisa's Botanicals Beanstalk
Lisa's Botanicals Scarier Trees
Lisa's Botanicals Elephant Grass
Lisa's Botanicals Heart of the Matter

Rendered in Poser Pro 11, in FireFly
Post work in PD Howler 2021

I originally wanted to render this in Daz because that is what I'm more familiar with, and I had a few other grand ideas to go with it...but couldn't get the nissa inj to work on Dawn in Daz (don't know why, I've gotten poser inj to work on Victoria before in daz...) And then I was having issues with other stuff, and finally, just said, well, fine, I'll do it in Poser. And started in there...and then found that some of the items I wanted to use didn't have Poser versions! LOL...so, I altered what I was going to do..and this came out of it. I'm pretty happy with it over all, so, new skills learned and new things conquered. Probably won't have time to try the other two ideas I had for the contest. But, this is good. I also did a version that was darker...but everyone always says my images are too dark, don't know if it's my monitor or what, they look fine to me. And we have generally found that I can see more colors than most people, so it is fine for me, and I have to have hubby check things before sending out. BUT, I like the darker version even better, personally.
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