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And I'm back! With about 10 lbs of sand included! Did NOT want to come home except to see my furbaby, who is all clean, shiny, and fluffy from her grooming at the kennel. Was not a good beach trip this year as far as photos or seashells, but everything else was just wonderful. Only rained at night which interfered with pretty sunrises due to cloud cover. Saw a pod of dolphins in the ocean (previously only saw in the bay). Hand-fed a seagull who then decided to steal the bag of popcorn. She tried to dump it upside down to share with the others. Pretty smart bird! Good food, good fun. Night time beach blanket time with hubby. Watched a storm out at sea one night which was pretty awesome. The lightening behind the clouds with the occasional long flash was photo worthy but I didn't have my camera with me at the time. Now it's yard work time for hubby and laundry time for me. Lots went on here while I was gone, I see. Big welcome to ladyfur!
hi, linda. sounds like a nice trip you had. where was it?


Hey Ladyfur :) Hope you're doing well today. Guess you noticed I'm testing Poser 11 Andy in a flying drone. I got the idea to try doing some animations in snippets, and then put them together as a little movie....to celebrate the new Poser 11.2 release in September. Mostly I'm testing the flight scenes now...and today worked on custom colors for Andy's P11 drone.



Since this has been discussed before, here's a tip how to find RDNA stuff at DAZ....use the filter when searching, and choose RDNA.