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Since the Free Stuff area will be organized differently on this new forum, for now I'll just provide a link to my RDNA thread, where I've organized stuff according to character or groups, and a direct link to my ShareCG page. Good to see Hivewire back up and running :)

SKYLAB FREE STUFF at RDNA Community Showcase



Hi Lorraine...hope all is well for you. Our forum took a big hit, but we've landed right side up :) I like your avatar by the way :D


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Thank you Skylab, all is well with me and I'm super happy the forum is back.


Me too...really missed it, especially over the holidays. Guess you and Pen are seasoned at this by now...I'm still checking out the features and reading forum instructions....it will take awhile to get accustomed to the changes.


Since it's late, I'll be going offline for now. I've emailed Terre so she'll know we're back up and running. I don't know how to get in touch with Calig....hope he somehow finds us. Anyway, glad the forum is back, and thanks to Alisa, and Lisa for their faithfulness, and best wishes to Lisa as she recovers from the many challenges she's had to face.


Good morning Terre...glad to see you made it. I just finished breakfast and am about to hit the sack for a few hours. I've been on a roll doing poses most of the evening, and need to chill out for awhile. I'll be back on later this evening. Again, good to see that you're back. :)


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Welcome back, Sky & Terre and thanks :). Emails will be going out to everyone who was in the old forum and it will be in the newsletter as well, so folks will definitely find out about the new site. Look around and get familiar with everything.

We have some how to's in the FAQ section - we're pretty sure everyone will love the new options :).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions | HiveWire 3D Community

Miss B

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Welcome back Sky!! It's so good to see so many familiar faces again. :)


Hi MissB....thanks, and yes, it's good to see all the familiar faces again. Poser 11 has been keeping me busy...finally completed the pose series for Paul.

One thing I'm enjoying about Poser 11 is the adjustable text for the UI...great for the visually challenged, and helps me to do 3D work without getting getting weary from eye strain. For those not familiar with the new feature, it's under Edit - General Preferences - Interface Tab - and finally, at the bottom left is the UI Scale, and option to change the Interface Scale Factor. The default is 1.00...I've got mine set to 1.45 since I have a large monitor. For the first time I can actually see the parameters box details, and no longer "guessing" when I'm doing pose work :)



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That's great Sky! I like the new feature in Poser...the small text drives me crazy in 2014