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LAMH Fuzzy Kitty


Busy Bee
I have learned a few things about the program which really help...

  1. Never try to cancel an operation (= inevitable crash)
  2. Never hit the button to remove vertices if there are no vertices selected (= inevitable crash)
  3. "Curl" is your friend, in small doses it does wonders.
  4. It is possible to select only some of the guidehairs and apply actions to them only (most useful revelation of all).
  5. "Frizz" also does wonders, both to roots and tips.
  6. Changing individual hair thickness is very important for a realistic look.
  7. Really high densities of hairs look the best; usually in the hundred thousands.
  8. It is impossible to save a project too many times!!!!! That way, if the plugin crashes, you've only lost about five minutes of work...


HW Honey Bear
@Lyne You most certainly can make only partial presets. This image has just the mane...
View attachment 23805
The problem with horses (as opposed to cats) is that horses really have hair and not fur; which means that you have to do lots and lots and lots (and lots more) "brushing" to get it to look half-way decent.
beautiful, but since I'd have to 'brush' anyway... :/


Busy Bee
A thought that has been nagging... LAMH fur presets (once exported) can be converted to conforming figures. For a full body preset, that isn't practical because of the bending of the body parts and the huge amounts of geometry, but for a foal mane and tail, that is a very real possibility... ;)


Busy Bee
I had thought to do a complete scene (someday) with him surrounded by his slain enemies, with the caption something like "I'm Too Old for This," or "Battles Are for Young People." He actually has no expression at all right now; it's just the way the lighting and the morphs worked out.