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LAMH Fuzzy Kitty


The orange kitten now looks almost like a picture. Thumbs up VB!:applause:
The only still less realistic in my opinion is the tail. At least for that race of cats, it should gradually get smoother towards its end. As it is now, to me it looks like soaked fur. I am certain you will nail this in no time!
Following this thread closely !


Busy Bee
@Lyne I exported LAMH fur as an OBJ to Vue a few times on a machine with 4GB of RAM. Poser would work the same way. As long as you don't mind waiting a really long time for it to load, it works just fine. Poser might be able to import a fibermesh version, though, which would load considerably faster. I'll have to look into that.

@Dan30 The tail does look like it got stuck in an electrical outlet right now... It is a pain to brush out because it is so thin. Normally when you brush in LAMH the geometry of the body prevents the fur that you don't want to brush from getting in the way. the tail is just too thin for that approach to work. The wheels in my head are turning, however, so hopefully there is a workaround...

The whole idea of this project is to get as close to photo-realism as possible, so if ANYONE can think of ANYTHING that would help this happen, PLEASE say so! :) I don't have feelings, so don't worry about hurting them. ;)


It looks very good, I can't seem to get anything out of LAMH, its alot stabler than it use to be; but I just have a problem with the interface - whereas Garibaldi I found pretty straight forward to use, but it doesn't have the Iray conversion and looks as if it is no longer being supported by the creator which is a shame.
Very much looking forward to the fur.

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
These looks amazing. I might have to start brush :sneaky: off my version of DS when this comes out, and play around with the kitten here, because this is all just too cute.


Contributing Artist
It's very cute and fun to play with...

@tparo, sad to hear that about Garibaldi...considering how long LAMH has been out for it is still at times very temperamental...especially when creating. It's easier to use when you're loading a preset...


HW Honey Bear
The House Cat (back on page 3, I've missed a lot of progress on this thread) looks good. There is enough fur for it to look rather velvety, but I'm not seeing a haze of body hair, or only the guide hairs, over the base texture (which is what I got the last time I tried to use it with the MilCat. I only got the guide hairs). The kitten also looks good. The thing about kitten fur that I've noticed is that it's rarely sleek at the beginning. Like it just sticks straight out and only smooths down to follow the body counters as they get older.


Busy Bee
The House Cat (back on p. 3) is sporting the same preset as the kitten. It just looks slightly different because of the size of the cat, and the fact that I didn't change the hair thickness proportionally to the larger body size.

Somebody earlier in the thread posted an image of a 3DS Max kitten model on Turbosquid, so I went and looked up the model for inspiration and took screenshots of all the different angles. There was even a promo pic showing guide hairs for the fur, so that gave me lots of ideas too. I think, though, that the current kitten shape is for an older kitten than the Turbosquid model, so I went ahead and brushed it a bit. I want to go back and do a "baby" kitten super fuzzball style too. Someday...

For now I'm stuck waiting while my dino-puter renders "promo pic" number 1: a fuzzy Dusk-y Gorilla holding a fuzzy HiveWire Kitten. ;)


Busy Bee
The lighting was giving me a hard time. If I added a normal light set up to the scene, it would always blow out and leave me with super-over-exposed areas, so I ended up just using the Hdri light and a distant light.

After letting this one render out (14 hours...), I don't like the lighting here either, so will definitely have to tweak it a bit. Nevertheless, as promised, a fuzzy Dusk-y Gorilla holding a fuzzy HiveWire Kitten...

Boy, did that scene ever slow down when I exported the hair for both the kitten and the gorilla! Kitty has almost 800,000 hairs, but since the gorilla is a few times bigger, he has 1,600,000 (thicker) hairs, and that really eats into computer performance!