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    Will have to try the fibermesh export VB- thanks for bringing that up! Just been using the export to OBJ button on the player pane so far.
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    Oh th y did claim to have tried and as usual walked away from the going when it got rough!
    I’ve been crying for a centaur at DAZ since Zygote released the very nice(at the time) and the pitifully unsupported zygote centaur. There were threads started (and pitifully languished unresolved!) by a eternally frustrated and disappointed yours truely. Time and time again they got wide support but it all went on deaf ears from thos powers that was there.
    Sagitatarios was finally released to my eternal joy but the fact it could not use any of the products released for M3 ot M4 like discussed and pleaded by an excited community, had an ugly face with few morphs to help it look more humanoid and the fact there were no add-on products for it like armor and weapons and a good pretty female counterpart killed interest in the product.
    Of course I got it and have used it though it has failed to properly warm my mythological creating cockles. When I saw their new one I had the same objections mentioned in this thread (yeah maybe we should get this topic moved out of here and in a new thread all it’s own...(feel like a Thread Grinch). That centaur is of course despite having awful proportions and smooth credible transitions between human and horse parts, is not useable in Poser so it hurts less just lifting my frustrated nose up at it and forgetting my covetous un quencheable need for it.

    Sharky created a good solution for the Mil4 figures and her own horse and of course I had to have it, but not the best becuase it just adds to limited set up and render resource strain. One complete figure is always resources friendlier than a juryrigged two figure parenting solution and of cours it also needs add-on power (hair, mane, more morphs and extras. Though I do congratulate her hard work and worthiness of the product.

    Some time ago Ali at Mankato created a really sweet single mesh Centauress called Cindy. Of course I got her and except for blatant seriously missing add-on options that take a good character to an elevated GREAT! character solution, like body and face morphs, extra textures, accessories and of course a good manly male counterpart, it was worth the money. To say I use her a lot in my work would be a gross understatement. But admittedly He has been very good at creating extra morphs for my more “exotic” needs and I have been so very thankful to him for all the extra work but was surprised he never decided to add those extra to the figure still selling in the store and I can’t help wanting to know why not!
    After all this time I would have been quietly and extatically thankful if Zygote/DAZ had gotten their unsupportive heads out of their butts and just done a good upgrade to the very sweet Original Zygote Centaur like they went out of their way doing for that ugly green and long forgotten Gremlin.
    So though it would certainly be for Dawn and Dusk and Harry if a good single me she solution with all the support needed to elevate it to the greatness I think it would need for serious render artists who have no damn skill.....At All!!!! With modeling, morphing and texturing, even though Dawn or Dusk or even the admittedly beautifulHarry are not my Go-To Poser figures (though I do have them) I would use them more if the figure was, by this fussy Nelly’s tastes or needs, on the mark!
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    Someone on RDNA produced a gen4 compatible male Centaur for Poser. Probably lacking all of the add-os you want, but still, from the perspective of someone who didn't buy it, because I don't use Poser, quite an attractive figure. I doubt that it made the transition to DAZ, but I *think* it was by one of the RDNA artists who has moved some of their RDNA store here.
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  5. carmen indorato

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    If it was the one I am thinking of I didn’t get it because the artist never intended to do add-on or extra support product for it. We discussed it to great issue. He refused doing more unless the sales were higher and did not even want to understand that out of the box it was not attractive or multi viable enough to give Amy interest to anyone who wanted a versatile character. Human body was wimpy and lacking in any body morphs or face morphs/expression variations and no it wasn’t-t real compatible to my knowledge, with any other figures out there. It went to Rnderosity store and like it did at RDNA, is languishing in the store a product from a good idea is again killed from poor marketing support strategy. Sad.
  6. carmen indorato

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  7. carmen indorato

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    As much as i like the image to me the human belly/torso is too tall. Though clearly everyone sees the centaur differently, I prefer them built on the old proportion formats of shorter stockier figures. Massive muscularity for the warrior males and a bit less bulky for standard male and slimmer, shorter curvier for females. Of course knowing the history of the Centaur in mythology goes a long way in understnding. Originally they were the creatures of the Gods and were coexisting with men until because no female counterparts were created were killing human males and abducting/raping their women. Zeus got fed up and banished them from the world of men to the opposite side of Mt Olympus leaving only one with men to act as a teacher. So there were no females but I love female taurs and have collected and viewed, drawn/sculpted/painted and 3d Kit bashed them since Poser 4. I have most of the ones that have been distributed that conformed to the proportions I prefer (though some did escape probably sent back to the other side (D/S) and out of my reach!

    Again these some of my favorites though I have thousands in my collection I use as reference.

    13_nights_of_halloween_2013_centaur_by_grimbro-d6rvy3h.jpg centaur_boy_by_lucky_by_nathan123qwe-d9qz111.jpg centauress hunter-584d9a--female-centaur-goddess-art.jpg centuarglade.jpg cntaur lord-1caaf.jpg desertCentaur.jpg possessedcentaur.jpg
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    what a cool bunch of centaurs!!!!!!!!!!!! Maked me want to do another one! :)
    (I do a fair amount of centaur art) :)
  9. carmen indorato

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    but you have a decent centaur (or at least centauress) to work with now don't you least you used to?
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    Yeah, please someone tell me this will be soonish?
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    The problem I always encounter with this kind of creature is the power it takes to set up and render in a complex scene. I still would love to see a Complete Centaur (centauress), Sphinx, Satyr, Minotaur, etc as one figure like what Sparky did with her beautiful were beast and like those creatures over at DAZ. There have been so many out there since I got into Poser but none are really spot on as far as support and add-on options are concerned (new textures, body and character shape morphs, age and gender shape morphs, etc).
    Zygote madne one threw it together easypeasy and threw it at us and never went back to fix ANYTHING wrong with it despite community requests asking for fixes and updates or expansions and of course a gender add-on.
    Another content creator put one out there which looks like it is starved skinny and shapeless with lousy movement options and terrible textures and of course NO option packs to add improvements to it. Then he wonders why it doesn't sell!?
    Sagitaros at DAZ is well made but also lacking in decent face morphs (down right ugly), body shape and age and weight shape morphs.

    I have been working with a sweet little Centauress Cindy by another artist I mentioned earlier in this thread. He has tried giving me some add-on morphs for my needs but finally cut me off refusing to acknowledge that those fixes and add-ons he did for me should be included in the figure and offering more options for her should be a main concern since the real reason as usual for it not selling is (LACK OF SUPPORT or expansion options). Drives me nuts
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