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  1. Plains Centaur-Done-sm

    Plains Centaur-Done-sm

    Horse, Dusk, Taka texture, Running Horse Texture, Wild Rose Tack, Native tack, Tribal Ornaments, Dusk Jewelry, Musica Fantasia, Nataani Pose,bow, purse, belt, arrows. Racing Tack for HW Horse, Western Saddle Texture on Blanket, Post work in PD Howler
  2. Northern Centaur-sm

    Northern Centaur-sm

    Daz Studio Dawn, with Minako, Body type 1, Body Type 6, custom dial, The Huntress Dress, gloves, bow, purse, belt, arrows. Racing Tack for HW Horse, Western Saddle Texture on Blanket, Tenacity Tails, My textures. Centaur for Dawn with tweaks for DAZ by me, Iray Worlds, Postwork in PD Howler
  3. Tango of the Tiger-Taurs

    Tango of the Tiger-Taurs

  4. Wedding Reception

    Wedding Reception

    The new Queen and her King receiving gifts from outlaying clans!
  5. KittyTaur Family

    KittyTaur Family

  6. Dwarven Farmer Clan

    Dwarven Farmer Clan

    I love centaurs!
  7. WIP Mother & Daughter KittyTaurs

    WIP Mother & Daughter KittyTaurs

    my "stress relievers" character creations
  8. The Specimen

    The Specimen

    New fly from AM
  9. Grey Centaur

    Grey Centaur

    Playing with the new G3M Centaur 7
  10. Appy Centaur

    Appy Centaur

    Playing with the new G3M Centaur 7
  11. Chestnut Centaur

    Chestnut Centaur

    Playing with the new G3M Centaur 7
  12. BeJewelled Kittytaur

    BeJewelled Kittytaur

  13. Ruckataur


    Top half is 50% Ruckus and Dusk with Dante textures, bottom half is Draft Harry.
  14. Kittytaur


    Kitty for Dawn texture on human half and Golden Tiger from Kitty Ponies on horse half.
  15. hemi426

    Centaur for Harry & Dawn

    Hi all, several requests reached me asking for a repost of my Harry & Dawn Centaur morph. Well, here it is! Within the attached zip file you'll find some instructions how to apply the morph... Have fun & happy rendering! Oliver (hemi426) PS: I am quite busy at the moment (in a very...
  16. Kittytaur


  17. Fast Friends

    Fast Friends

    I am beyond in love with this big cat!
  18. Incongruity


    The minute I saw Rae creating the "kitty ponies" I had this type of centaur in mind!!
  19. Birany-HalfkidCentaur


    A halfling-Goat Centaur - Needed a little more blending at the waist. But, she is ready for adventure and great at mountain-climbing.
  20. Running Water

    Running Water

    An earlier render, as I'm figuring things out. he was supposed to be cartoony, so I think it generally worked.