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hivewire big cat

  1. Xmas lions

    Xmas lions

    My christmas card for this year.
  2. Roar


  3. Running a Bluff

    Running a Bluff

  4. Thorn


  5. WIP Time To Rest And Talk

    WIP Time To Rest And Talk

    Night Eyes shaders for Iray and Superfly WIP, iray version
  6. Gimme Your Paw

    Gimme Your Paw

    Such a nice kitty!!! 8-)
  7. Night Hunter

    Night Hunter

  8. Encounter of the first Kind

    Encounter of the first Kind

  9. Things With Wings

    Things With Wings

    Playing around with the HW Big cat and SBRM's Birds of Prey.
  10. Puma Portrait

    Puma Portrait

  11. Fair Wind

    Fair Wind

  12. Puma Power

    Puma Power

  13. A Mother's Heart

    A Mother's Heart

    Mother and cub sharing that special bond.
  14. Xmas_2016


    Merry Christmas
  15. Hivewire Big Cat

    Hivewire Big Cat

  16. Jungle Friends

    Jungle Friends

  17. Mowgli and Bagheera

    Mowgli and Bagheera

  18. VortigensBane

    LAMH Fuzzy Kitty

    Rather than clog up the "official" HiveWire Big Cat render thread, I thought I'd start a new one to document my "progress" on an un-official LAMH fur for Kitty. I'm hoping for lots of picky people to come and post what looks wrong with the fur, and other suggestions for improvement. I'll start...
  19. Jungle Book

    Jungle Book

  20. Kamera


    Going a little wild with the HW Big Cat