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I just love it that he has a teenie little ladder to get up to the thorn-always so many lspecial little touches in your work
@Desertsilver ah but did you see the flies on the lion's face? lol I have fun, sometimes too much...lol I tend to see and feel things most people don't, see the mouse is a very old model, in fact by today's standards they are horrible, yet they are the main character in my story here, yet I had to hide them somewhat. I made the lion's head over sized and added two more layers of mane in the effort to hide the mice and their lack of digital detail.. Did I feel that need or did I see that need logically, well both most likely.. But like when you read book, it is the details that bring you into the story and make you identify with its characters.. No I am not bragging about how great I am, just letting you in on my secret so you can perhaps incorporate some of it in your work, after all I may be a teacher of sorts, but I am also a student, if I make you better then in turn I have to figure out a way to be better...lol

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