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LAMH Fuzzy Kitty

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
Boy, did that scene ever slow down when I exported the hair for both the kitten and the gorilla! Kitty has almost 800,000 hairs, but since the gorilla is a few times bigger, he has 1,600,000 (thicker) hairs, and that really eats into computer performance!
I can only image. But the result is great. That's just a gorgeous image.


HW3D President
Staff member
This is amazing VB. My, my goodness. I'd like to post on a few facebook pages. Excellent work.


Busy Bee
Sidetracked again... Couldn't get the foal's mane to look good in a render, so went ahead and did a rough LAMH preset for the foal. Like the tail, love the mane, but not happy with the body yet; not to mention that there are some pretty obvious collision problems...
foal lamh test.jpg

The body fur looks almost like a deer right now. I think I'm going to have to re-do the fetlocks too; I grew them out as part of the main shavegroup, but I ended up not having very good control over them, so they look like pom-poms... :(