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RELEASED HiveWire Dog Is Underway

carmen indorato

Poser folks have NEVER been patient. We can't seem to get what we wants fast enough no matter how many techs and creators are on the production end. Me? I wants the bull and a wolf and I be happy


Pushing 18 months and still no breed morphs released.

Taking ones time to get things right is one thing, but expecting people to continue to shell out money for products that won't get support for a year and a half is bad for business.


I know how he feels, though. I had to buy a dog from another store to create the breed I need for a job. I would have preferred to buy what I needed here but couldn't wait any longer.


Contributing Artist
Hmm lets see............ Jack Russel Terrier might be an option for a morph. I will have to take a look at things once I get the Grimalkin Morphs done for the cat. ............. I haven't fiddled with the dog much as I'm waiting for the bulldog, but shrug. It needs to be looked into. I can try and see what I can get from the base figure as far as breeds go, but if HW already has it planned I don't want to steal their thunder on it.

The biggest issue on the terrier breeds is the shorter tail... I can scale it ...................... but it doesn't play nice with the poses also one of the reasons I haven't done a lynx or bobcat version of the housecat.
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Contributing Artist
I know its not ideal but with the extra dog coats in store and some dial-spinning you can get close to other breeds that are similar shape to the Lab. I would think most of the gun dog shapes would be reasonably easy.

I've done a passable Border Collie with the long LAMH setting and a passable Rotty.