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Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by Chris, May 5, 2016.

  1. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    This will eventually be based on a Labrador Retriever. Closer to the Show type rather than the field type dog. I'm going to morph this as far as a can from the Big Cat before I have to alter geometry for genitals, and any other detail I just can't achieve. I'll have to add adjustments to inner mouth and add more teeth. But wouldn't it be cool if one could interchange maps from the dog, Big Cat and House cat? I'll do my best to not have to add geometry. We'll see how it all goes. This is very, very early work at this point. Spending most of today gathering reference material and morphing what you see here to this point.

    Much more to go before it resembles a Lab. But the head is closer to the dog now than the Big Cat.

    LabWork1.JPG LabWork2.JPG LabWork3.JPG
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  2. Alisa

    Alisa HW3D QAV Queen Bee Staff Member QAV-BEE


    And yes, that would be awesome to swap maps!
  3. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Oh I'm so glad you are starting on this. I love cats, but I feel like the characters in my renders need dogs. Love the two ear styles so far.
  4. CWRW

    CWRW Extraordinary HW3D Exclusive Artist

    God Chris! You are a modeling fool! Just wish I could texture as fast you model!:)
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  5. FairyFantastic

    FairyFantastic Energetic

    wow look good
  6. Flint_Hawk

    Flint_Hawk Ambitious

    :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: I am delighted! I've been waiting so long for a realistic looking dog! It looks fantastic already!
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  7. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Well, if you can find some breeds of cat that have the same coats as dogs. . .
  8. Art_of_Mind

    Art_of_Mind Engaged Contributing Artist

    With no research just what I’ve heard on the street.. the oldest species of dog is the mastiff.. I see your working on a lab

    I just happened to have a mastiff lab mix that I can take many reference pictures for you if you want them. Also just happened to have a pit beagle mix too.

    I’m cool if your not interested, just thought since I had easy access to these animals I would offer. They are both trained and can stay in a pose standing on all fours and let me take good photos from all angles, sides – top of backs and roll over and let me photograph their bellies.

    I hope you pull this off as a morph going from the big cat to a dog, if so the in-between area could help create a hyena.. and I’m over excited about having access to a hyena that I’ll be photographing this weekend.. you can have those photos too if you want them, but I don’t think it is trained very well so I’ll get what I get when I photograph it.
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  9. PixelWrangler

    PixelWrangler Inspired

    Wow, you are really on a roll with the domestic pets, Chris! I definitely want to see a pibble morph; they're my FAVORITE K9s and need some pawsitive PR. I can't wait to see how this progresses!
  10. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Oh my goodness, that's looking good for just the start. Nice going Chris. ;)
  11. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Yay! Puppy!

    I've lived with dogs in the past, but living in an apartment (and being a hermit), I'm probably not the best companion to a dog anymore.

    Of course, living in an apartment doesn't stop others. We have some pretty big dogs living in our building!
  12. Darryl

    Darryl Eager

    Oh yeah! A Hyena would be awesome. Those animals are incredible and I don't think one has ever been made for Poser.
  13. JOdel

    JOdel Extraordinary HW Honey Bear

    I think we may have them for Studio (Or maybe AM just did something similar).

    Of course there are Sparky's anthropomorphic ones...
  14. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Very cool! Don't forget that even if the maps aren't perfectly the same you can create alternate uvs in DS. I think they managed with Dyson to get them into poser but I'm not sure. It might be worth investigating.
  15. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    Today's work on our puppy doggy. Still a morph from Kitty. Shaping up.

    Showing the Big Cat first, then our House Cat, then our Dog.

    LabWork4.JPG LabWork5.JPG





  16. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

  17. sanbie

    sanbie Noteworthy Contributing Artist

    Looking really great... yes.gif
  18. Art_of_Mind

    Art_of_Mind Engaged Contributing Artist

    I also have acess to a wolf if you want pictures of it?
  19. Alisa

    Alisa HW3D QAV Queen Bee Staff Member QAV-BEE

  20. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Loving this, it would be cool if the dog could stay as a pure morph as that would open up the possibility's for some really cool hybrid fantasy critters but I can understand that you are limited to what the mesh can handle

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