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RELEASED HiveWire Dog Is Underway


HW3D President
Staff member
How long does it take to rig a figure like Dawn? From start to finish?
317 hours.

That's my thought.

But I don't rig, and really the answer is that it takes what it takes. Paul is rigging for both programs also, plus trying to break new ground, and strive to surpass what is available with other competing products. It would be interesting to see what it will take though. I'm confident that when we have her done we'll have a pretty good estimate on the time involved. Also, it's not just the time it takes, but the expert time from Paul, as he has a lot of experience with this work.

carmen indorato

Not knowing how to do any of the necessary stuff to create models....actually getting to where I am more and more barely able to do the basics in anything, I can relate to your frustration. Also not knowing your marketing plan I perhaps should NOT comment but please don't get angry with me here for \saying this, I do say it with the utmost respect and apprciation, but Poser users have never been the most patient lot around.

I also have a belief based on something I learned a long time ago and was brought up with being pounded into my head (translated ad/hoc from Sicilian:
"He who reaches too much, obtains very little".
Dawn was already a beautiful rendering figure in your collection. Much stuff has been created for her. It seems that if you were to decide to finish the dogs first, with breeds and textures and accessories (like DAZ did with their first dog series) there would have been a deeper support for the marketing strategy. But you have gone from figure to figure never really finishing as much as possible for each to satisfy the hungry minds of the restless poser community. Finish the dogs to the utmost possible to give value to the animal and then move onto the next project. Nothing wrong with showing WIP's but give us something to sink our teeth into(a big people Poser user pacifier) for a while.

As I said I do not say this to bash you or the team, I know you have a small one but, though talented you all are, time is not on your sides.
I have been dying for the Spanish bull and wolf and new born puppy, and as much as I understand the time frames limited by under-staffing, limiting their release, doesn't help reading that you have been working on getting yet another version of Dawn out.

Just my 2.5 cents man and again I hope I do not anger you all.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
While I'd also love to see the dog breeds hit the store, I think the decision to focus on Dawn 2.0 is the right decision. With "new, improved" figures hitting the market elsewhere, I believe it's important for HiveWire to continue to improve Dawn.

By the way, I'm eagerly awaiting the Corgi so I can do Corgi race renders!



Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
You know, when I was a little girl - yesssss, there was a time I was young and and innocent. But anyhew, I use to be very impatient at times. And every time I would show my frustration and impatience my dad would play this song by Billy Preston & Syreeta - It will come in time.
He would whistle it, humm it, even try to sing it with his broken English.
To this day, when I feel haste or I see people getting anxious about something that takes long I have the same quirk as my dad.
So I'm humming it right now,...."It will come in time, you just be patient. Everything that's yours will get to you......" :D ;)


Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
Just went to use the min morph pack Sparky did only to discover its yet to be updated to work with the updated base, I desperately need those morphs so was just wondering if anyone might have an ETA on when they will be done please?

carmen indorato

You need the morphs and i have been holding my breath blue waiting for the newborn puppy morphs.
Unfortunately, with sparky M.I.A. and the understaffing here, no telling.