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Centaur for Harry & Dawn


Quite happy how this one turned out...


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carmen indorato

Though it looks ok I still prefer getting a single figure. One of the thinkgs i notice in most of the kit banged centaurs available in the community is the height of the torso of the human. It would look better if the neck of the horse body was shorter and or the lower torso of the human part.
Hemi will your kit allow for a lower human parts and shorter horse neck to join them?

carmen indorato

Just a tiny bit of effort and Dusk can be made to fit as well. No postwork except to add sig and lighten a bit.
Human half is 50% Ruckus (shape not size) and Dusk SE with Dante texture, Horse half is Draft Harry.
There's a bit of a gap on the sides that would be super easy to post, but I don't think its that noticeable.
Yeah comparatively ok but still nowhere near the images before it. A single mesh and custom textured figure would be WAAAY better than a kit bashed figure glued together. The muscles of the human never really merge properly with those of the horse make it look less than I prefer especially when using heavy muscled figures like those shown here.
The old Zygote centaur was the best of this kind as a single mesh. The problem was lack of follow up support. I begged Zygote and later DAZ for that follow-up support and despite several very long threads I started there that got a lot of wordy follow-up, nothng was ever done by Daz or any of th contributing word-smiths. I know it sounds weak of me to condemn others for all talk and no show but if I could do it myself would I really spend so much time begging or so much money buying less than possible stuff to feed my poser habit or would I just make my own? If I could I certainly would.

Nice samples. This kind of classic representation is the kind I grew up with and loved and prayed someone would actually create and make available for fantasy art Poser users. Proportions are great and if created as single mesh figures that move well and are well texture, I would be QUICK to spend the money to buy them.