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harry - hivewire horse

  1. Confrontation


  2. Grasslands Wild Running 2sm

    Grasslands Wild Running 2sm

    Wild Band running free.
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    How to save a size morph

    I need to save a size/scale morph in both Poser and DS. Basically, Harry at 80%. It's for a product, so I only want it to save the size, right? I can't figure out what to save it as. Everything I've tried seems to put ALL of Harry's info in the file. Is that what is supposed to happen? I had...
  4. Gypsies


  5. Seahorse-Carousel Pose

    Seahorse-Carousel Pose

    Seahorse with one of the Carousel poses Background from the Land-Escape - Oceans Vol 1
  6. Bejeweled And Seahorse

    Bejeweled And Seahorse

    Bejeweled and Sparkled combined with the Seahorse tail and mane. Background from the Land-Escapes - Oceans vol 1
  7. TheGrey


  8. Magic Among The Ruins

    Magic Among The Ruins

  9. carmen indorato

    Stag morph set forHarry/Kirin set

    Would love more fantasy stag morphs and props for Harry/Kirin set. White stag for instance for the forest fey or one with moss hanging from a huge rack of antlers and fantasy fey tac one can use in a piece of artwork on The Dark Hunt.
  10. Before The Race

    Before The Race

    or... Photo-Op!
  11. hemi426

    Centaur for Harry & Dawn

    Hi all, several requests reached me asking for a repost of my Harry & Dawn Centaur morph. Well, here it is! Within the attached zip file you'll find some instructions how to apply the morph... Have fun & happy rendering! Oliver (hemi426) PS: I am quite busy at the moment (in a very...
  12. A Pink Pony for Rae to NOT Think About

    A Pink Pony for Rae to NOT Think About

    Since telling someone not to thing about bad stuff never works, this is a pink pony for Rae to not thing about instead.
  13. Rickon's Pony

    Rickon's Pony

    My dire wolf texture for my Medieval Finery. I was working on the morph for the Shetland Pony and thought of this image.
  14. Steel Stallion

    Steel Stallion

    Superfly render
  15. GoldThreadComparrison


    A comparison between the Firefly and Superfly mats.
  16. Black DragonSteed Portrait

    Black DragonSteed Portrait

  17. Split Barding

    Split Barding

    A quick test of my split barding for Harry
  18. Three Dancers

    Three Dancers

  19. Hivewire Foal

    Hivewire Foal

  20. The Wolf and the Stallion

    The Wolf and the Stallion