Gadget Girl

A Pink Pony for Rae to NOT Think About

Since telling someone not to thing about bad stuff never works, this is a pink pony for Rae to not thing about instead.

A Pink Pony for Rae to NOT Think About
Gadget Girl, Oct 26, 2016
Don't think about me
    • Dakorillon (IMArts)
      You are so cruel! lol. Lovely pony to not think about.
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      Thank you for my Pink Pony GG :)

      Cool effect, looks like pink camo :p
    • Gadget Girl
      @Rae134Thanks. I'm not very good with retexturing stuff (at least stuff as complex as a horse), so I was using some watercolor shaders I picked up the other day. However, I think you're right, this point would be well camouflaged in a little girl's room. ;)
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    Oct 26, 2016
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