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  1. Kitty Ponies - Sets 1 & 2

    Kitty Ponies - Sets 1 & 2

    Kitty Ponies Sets 1 (Tiger & Lions) and Set 2 (Clouded Leopard & Leopards)
  2. Leopard Uni

    Leopard Uni

    Close up of my new Kitty Ponies Leopard texture
  3. Rae134

    HW Horse textures both DS & Poser testers needed - Kitty Ponies set 1

    Hi, I'm looking for both Daz Studio and Poser testers for my "Kitty Ponies" textures. Poser textures are ready now, 3Delight options are also ready, but I'm still working on Iray options but they should be done by the end of the week :)
  4. Faery_Light

    Poser & DS Faery_Light's Sharecg Freebies 2016-04-24

    Some DAZ Studio and some Poser items for Dusk, dawn and other models. I will add more again soon.
  5. Rae134

    Rae's Fantasy Ponies

    Hello, well this is a bit scary for me. I've never done anything like this before - ever! :unsure: I'm going to be developing some fantasy textures for our wonderful Harry, starting with my "Kitty Ponies". The first set I'm planing is on "natural" big cat textures with a Tiger and Leopard...
  6. Faery_Light

    Oddity in Poser lately.

    Here lately I am finding seams in textures and it is difficult to work correctly. I thought maybe it was just me making errors on my own sets but when I loaded one that is now in the store, there were seams. I tried loading the original Harry texture and found seams all across the chest. Now I...
  7. RobZhena

    Dusk Texture Has Gone Whacko in PP 11--Any Ideas?

    Dusk's base texture has gone totally strange since I moved to Poser Pro 11. The odd thing is that if I apply character skins, they look normal. Does anyone have any idea why this is?
  8. NapalmArsenal

    Flower Texture Expansion Sets for Lisa's Botanicals

    Hey guys, I'm finally getting to Lisa's Asian Lilies. I'm sort of going for a jungle/tropical type feel with these using some of the tiger lily mats and lily photos from a few years ago as last years crop was ruined due to all the flooding in the area. I can't wait until Kitty is out!! I will...
  9. NG Artplay

    NG Artplay Products

    Again, lol. I had a Show Me the Honey (or in my case 'show me the chocolate') thread but I can't find it so I hope you don't mind me posting up a new one. I've been living in a soap opera for 1/2 a year after hubby's father passed away and my elderly mother fell and broke her leg after having...
  10. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's Dawn projects

    Here is an image of the mature lady texture set i'm working on. This is the edited version of my portrait in the "I just wanted to post an image" forum. I changed the eyebrows, lowered the bump and added smile /frown lines to the face. There are no morphs added here. This is still a WIP.
  11. NapalmArsenal

    NapalmArsenal's Product Thread

    Welcome to NapalmArsenal's product thread. Please, grab a cup of tea and enjoy some refreshments as you browse through the garden where flowers and fairies abound to tickle your fancy.
  12. NapalmArsenal

    RELEASED Expansion sets for Flower Fairy by Mada

    Regalia set coming soon for Flower Fairy outfit by Mada.
  13. African Sunrise

    African Sunrise

    Lita stood in the gentle warmth of the sunrise waiting for the tribe to awaken and make ready for the hunt. She would call the animals to the area where the hunters would wait. This hunt would feed her tribe for many months if successful.
  14. Faery_Light

    runtime textures questions.

    Example... /textures/Faery_Light/FL Hivewire Products/FL HWH Pack II I am seriously thinking of editing my runtime and wondered if you think something like this would be too long? The problem is that when I put all my stuff in just the Faery_Light folder it gets really big and hard to find...
  15. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's Freebies

    I have several free items at sharecg so pop over and have a look... ShareCG - sahani's portfolio FYI: Sahani is just an older nick, simply means "Blue". Just added to sharecg...FL Appaloosa-III - 2D Resources - ShareCG