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  1. Blue Kitteh

    Blue Kitteh

    Test Render
  2. Faery_Light

    flPastelsforLullyDynamicDress01 2017-03-16

    Four textures in pastel shades for Lully's Dynamic Dress 01 for Dawn. Just in time for Easter and Spring weather when light colors are trending. You may use them in any render, commercial or personal. They are not a Merchant Resource and may not be used as such. For Poser only as it is a...
  3. Kitty Love

    Kitty Love

    New textures for Dawn and the Tenacity Twin Tails hair I'm working on
  4. Faery_Light

    Harry flHWHorseMR 2017-02-07

    flHWH Mr consists of three eye colors, five coat colors, five each manes, tails, and fetlocks and two bump maps. The bump maps can bue used as extra textures as well. There are transparency naps for mane, tail and fetlocks. This package is a Merchant Resource and may be used to create...
  5. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's flMR for HWH:WIP

    So while waiting for all my feedback from testers for BeJeweled I worked more on a project that has been on the back burner for a bit. Here is what I've been doing, keep in mind that this will be a resource pack and I have not added any bumps, specular or displacement to these images. The two...
  6. I Told You To Stop Wearing My Cloths!

    I Told You To Stop Wearing My Cloths!

    My "Work or Weekend"Textures I'm working on for Shellyw's Dawn Basics 5
  7. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Poser & DS IM- Fantasy Unicorn - Chroma-TieDye 2016-12-18

    Due to popular vote, the TieDye set of textures for the Unicorn/Horse have been released free. The read-me contains all the instructions for use. There are textures for both DS and Poser. They work with any Breed morph that I tested, and add a bit of groovy fun to your renders. Besides, eyes...
  8. D

    Poser & DS Holiday Gift Bags 2016-12-18

    I am re-realeasing these for Christmas: A set of Christmas themed textures for the RuntimeDNA Halloween Candy Bag from 2013 or the 2013 Disturbia Christmas Gift Bags. While these two candy bags were once free at RuntimeDNA I have no idea what became of them. These textures I previously offered...
  9. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Need Poser Testers for Fantasy Unicorn textures

    I posted this in the DS thread, but I think it didn't get seen much. Need Poser Testers, must have Unicorn! And patience! lol.
  10. Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Sora and the HiveWire House Cat, and Tenacity Suit with a little customization.
  11. Minyassa

    Minyassa's Products at HW3D

    It is about time I replaced my thread in the new forum! Here's my thread for my products in the store, to show off and answer any questions anyone may have. My two newest as of 11/11/16 are Soul Windows, both for M4/V4/K4 and for Dawn/Dusk/Luna. These are sets of 116 hand-painted eye textures...
  12. Rae134

    Blacksmith3D Pro

    Has anyone used this? Is it any good? Is it relatively easy? I don't know if I'd use it for morphing but I would for texturing if it was any good (I hate seams with a passion! I had so much trouble with them in PS)
  13. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Immortal Moments Freebies

    Place to share my freebie links! Dakorillon IM- Diapers & Pins for HiveWire 3D Luna - DAZ Studio - ShareCG Diapers and Pin textures for Luna!
  14. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Clothing for Luna or Fits of Artistic Madness

    In what I am calling a fit of artistic madness, I made 26 diaper covers for Luna. They are currently just the texture files and a bump that can be used as both bump and displacement. Is there a place to put them for free? Or I could put them on ShareCG. But I am really bad about getting all the...
  15. Rae134

    Rae Design's Products at HiveWire 3D

    :welcome: G'day and thank you for visiting my product thread. I will keep it updated as my products hit the store.
  16. Faery_Light

    Testers needed for HiveWire Horse texture sets.

    Silly me, waiting for responses to request for testers and none came. Reason...I forgot to post asking for testers. :oops: I need testers for both Poser and DAZ Studio. The zip files are in my folder in my dropbox so if you are willing to test I will send you an invite and a link. Send me a...
  17. Kitty Ponies - Set 2 on Whisper

    Kitty Ponies - Set 2 on Whisper

    Kitty Ponies - Set 2 contains texture of various coloured Clouded Leopards and Leopards. Some shown here on Whisper
  18. Kitty Ponies - Set 2

    Kitty Ponies - Set 2

    Kitty Ponies - Set 2 contains texture of various coloured Clouded Leopards and Leopards.
  19. Kitty Ponies - Set 1

    Kitty Ponies - Set 1

    Kitty Ponies - Set 1 contains texture of various coloured Tigers and lions
  20. Kitty Ponies - Sets 1 & 2

    Kitty Ponies - Sets 1 & 2

    Kitty Ponies Sets 1 (Tiger & Lions) and Set 2 (Clouded Leopard & Leopards)