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  1. Ken1171

    RELEASED The "Scatter Tool" plugin for Poser

    I have been showing some of this at the galleries here at HW, so you might have seen some results already. If not, the Scatter Tool is a new plugin for Poser that scatters a prop over the Poser ground plane. Each copy can have variations in scale and rotation, so they don't look all the same. As...
  2. F

    Script error?

    I'm using the Geometry Walker add-on for Maya. I have it in the scripts folder. When I try to run the python script in the script editor in Maya, it gives me this error: "No module named geometrywalker.qt.pickwalker_ui" Why am I getting this error? How can I fix it? Here's a link to the...
  3. Karina

    Toggle Cameras 1.0

    A -VERY- simple Python script. I thought it might be useful to you too because I use it all the time: When I set up a scene I usually place my MAIN_CAMERA so it shows the final render view. But when I make changes, I don't want to move my MAIN_CAMERA so I use another camera, usually the...
  4. Gadget Girl

    How to copy color from one node to another (poser python)

    So I'm just curious if there's an easy way to copy the color value from one node (technically the node's input) to another node using python. Basically I want to copy the Diffuse_Color value from the PoserSurfaceNode to the Color value on a PhysicalSurfaceNode I can get the color value of...
  5. Gadget Girl

    What do you wish was easier to do in the Material Room?

    So with a bunch of people getting Poser 11 with the sale, as well as some other people asking some Python questions, the scripting bug has bitten me again, and I'm wondering if I cleaned up a script I'd written people would be interested in it. When Poser 11 first came out, and I was trying to...
  6. Gadget Girl

    How to check if a prop is (or isn't) in a scene

    I'm working on a script to quickly setup cloth simulations for an outfit I'm working on. And it works :) but one part of the script seems very awkward to me and I'm wondering if there is a better way. Basically the outfit is in a few parts, pants and a top. Now I know that people may not always...
  7. 3dcheapskate

    PoserPython Wacros and Scripts - WacroMaterials()

    I write a PoserPython script that starts like this: mats = poser.Scene().WacroMaterials() if mats: for mat in mats: doStuff(mat) The script is on my desktop. I assign my script to one of the ten wacro buttons(alt-click a wacro button to remove the existing assigned wacro, then click the...