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  1. Lady of the Dawn

    Lady of the Dawn

    Mixing a few characters. There's Dawn, 500 of Sora, 500 of Oriana. Bodymats for Sora and eyes for Oriana. I kinda like her....
  2. Willow Fae

    Willow Fae

    I mixed and matched a bit with this one. I used Willow for Dawn, gave her the bodymats of Sora, posed her in one of my InStyle poses for Dawn. She's wearing Satira Capriccio's Clarette Rose for Dawn with TheBeesKnees texture part 2. The hair is Hr-133 by Ali. I think it turned out quite nice.
  3. Luna and the Bellflower

    Luna and the Bellflower

    Baby Luna admiring the gorgeous Bellflowers with the Practical Magice textures by NapalmArsenal
  4. pommerlis

    Don't know, don't know

    *Sigh* Shall I or shall I not upgrade to Daz 4.9?! Sigh, been doubting and thinking and trying to decide for days now. Can't seem to make up my mind. Read threads on the matter and I just don't know. What was that advice my mum gave me once? When in doubt, don't?!
  5. Dawn Beltane 2016

    Dawn Beltane 2016

  6. pommerlis

    In between leisure

    There are a couple of free days coming up, well, for my spouse that is because we are starting a little experiment this little holiday. Since I do have to finish my own work aswell we are taking the laptop with us and see if it will work at our home away from home without blowing out the fuse...
  7. pommerlis

    Just incase

    Just incase you're wondering where I have gone to, well....away from my PC for a week or so. Things are getting busy in my garden, my birthday is coming up on the 1th of May and more important, the King's 50th birthday on the 27th of April! The whole nation goes insane anyway on his birthday but...
  8. pommerlis

    I did it.....

    Well, I finally did it,....I tweeted.... Yesss, I finally opened a twitter account and I think I allready follow HiveWire, not sure Anyhew, I'm still Pommerlis on Twitter so if anyone want to follow me you can find me under that name. I think I have accounts on everything now except LinkIt or...
  9. Yesterday


    Dawn in th Flapper Dress. Character Bow for Dawn and BelleArum Hair for V4 using HCS-Pro from Netherworks
  10. pommerlis

    She gets bored

    Whenever I work at my poses there is this whining sound next to me from a little doxie pleading for attention. When she doesn't get it, she creates her own entertainment and gets herself into trouble, Today she got herself stuck in a cushion. A cushion??? I hear you say,...yesss, a cushion She...
  11. pommerlis

    Monitor blew

    Well, that's it, the monitor from my big desktop just gave up. So I'm working from my laptop now. I'll have to re-arrange my whole runtime and in between I'm working on the poses. I just had a peep on how much content I actually have....*sigh*.....it's alot.....
  12. IStanz 03

    IStanz 03

    Trying out one of the poses I'm working on for the HWHousecat
  13. Dawn KiriTé

    Dawn KiriTé

    Wanted to have some fun today with Dawn, Oriana - Fabiana's character for Dawn, KiriTé Hair and the MaasaiFinery I bought from HiveWire.
  14. pommerlis

    Merry Christmas

    I would like to wish everybody here at Hivewire3D a wonderfull Christmas and a very Happy New-Year. A big thank you for the staff who are wonderfull but certainly also all the customers who give me - and all the other vendors - such great support. This is truly a haven of warmth and tranquility...
  15. pommerlis

    Our slice of Heaven

    As some of you may know, me and my wife have bought ourselves a caravan. It's situated on a recreational park. Here in the Netherlands you are not allowed to permanently live in a caravan on a recreational park but this is our project for our retirement - 18 years from now but who's counting...
  16. Cernunnos


  17. pommerlis

    Poser Cute Moves the Wings 2016-03-06

    These are 6 poses for the DarkHeaven Wings by Fabiana, included are of course a Default pose and Instructions, so you can re-create the 6 little Cherubs sitting next to each other. This set is meant as a free add on to my CuteMoves for BabyLuna set, as to complete the Bonus material. In order to...
  18. pommerlis

    What does Pommerlis have in Store? Now at Renderosity

    Thank you for visiting my product thread, I will add my new items as they are released my store at renderosity. I've edited this thread because the Hivewire store is closed and since not all my products have made the move over to Renderosity, I want to avoid any confusion as to where my products...
  19. Dawn