• Welcome to the Community Forums at HiveWire 3D! Please note that the user name you choose for our forum will be displayed to the public. Our store was closed as January 4, 2021. You can find HiveWire 3D and Lisa's Botanicals products, as well as many of our Contributing Artists, at Renderosity. This thread lists where many are now selling their products. Renderosity is generously putting products which were purchased at HiveWire 3D and are now sold at their store into customer accounts by gifting them. This is not an overnight process so please be patient, if you have already emailed them about this. If you have NOT emailed them, please see the 2nd post in this thread for instructions on what you need to do

Transfer of Customer purchases at HiveWire 3D to the store at Renderosity

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It is the start of your Rendo user name - for example, I am cwrw there (as well as here and everywhere else in the 3d world:)

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Interesting question Hornet, as I would've assumed the Nick/Alias which, of course, would put me nearer the end of the list, but if it's by a person's Name, then I'll be nearer the beginning of the list.

That said, I'm assuming it's by Nick/Alias, because that's how we're known in the Renderosity store. Our real names are not public information, unless it's used for our Nick/Alias as well, for example, Ken Gilliland.


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The usernames I saw were starting with both A and F, and there were only a FEW people's names involved, so don't expect your products to show up immediately, and don't freak out if your username there starts with an A (mine does) and you don't have products in your account quickly (they haven't done mine).

So DO NOT expect that if your user name there starts with an A or B that yours will be done first.


My original post yesterday was not intended to have ANYONE expect that the products will be in their accounts in a day or two. It was ONLY to let you know that the process has started.

Should our products just show up in our account?

Assuming the products will be given to you as a gift, they should appear in your account as such.

That is correct - they will show up as gifts, and you will likely get emails notifying you about it.

There are a LOT of products to be gifted and a LOT of HiveWire customers involved. And again, a reminder that this is NOT the only thing that the people at Renderosity have to do - they have a store to run :).

If anyone from Renderosity is looking, THANK YOU for doing this!!
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