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A bit dark and morbid but here is my FINAL "Death Valley" with Sparky's Skelehorse for the HW Horse and Ken's Crows
Death Valley.jpg


I'd like a bit of clarification on this rule before I post please,

'Has to be new Art work not posted before...Thats the only rule other then TOS...'

Can we post images in other galleries, do the images need to be posted here first?


Hi tparo!

I would take that to mean an art work created specifically for this contest. As such I would hold off posting the work anywhere else until the contest has ended to avoid any possible conflict. :)


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The one and only rule states,"Has to be NEW Art work not posted BEFORE." Tparo, I am taking this to mean that the pic has to be created after the date of the initiation of this contest (not one that was created, say 3 months ago. It does not say that it cannot be posted anywhere else currently. I could be wrong, but that is my interpretation of this.


Great renders, everybody! :notworthy:

Thanks muchly for the likes :giggle:

Since luannemarie rocked two entries, I figured I'd take a chance as well :x3:

I also have to 'fess up that I don't enter contests (almost never) and have stopped updating my dA. Probably because with the exception of the work I'm doing for the Space Opera book series (will post a link to the site and Amazon if anyone wants to see it :whistling: ) I've been burned out creatively, for some reason.

Being a part of this community has changed that :balloon03: :inlove:

Used Sparky's Kirin for the HiveWire Horse and ArtisanS's TwinEye Reflex Camera and Tripod for this render. They're all most excellent products :love:

Link to imgur used :angel:

Title: Unexpected Visitors_final

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I'd try to enter but unfortunately so much going on with medical stuff that it is not a good idea at present.
I'll be watching all the different entries though. :)