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  1. Outdoor Girl

    Outdoor Girl

    Well, she just had to show of her new free textures on the Tights from the NouvelleAube Clothing bt Satira Capriccio. Now she's of hiking, it's great weather for it here.
  2. Wind Dancer

    Wind Dancer

    Playing with my InStyle poses for Dawn & poses for the Dragonbraid
  3. Untitled


  4. Lion Cub

    Lion Cub

  5. Selfie


  6. Luna In Karth

    Luna In Karth

  7. brian foley

    Time to get a Contest going...

    No contests going Hmmmm needs changed... I feel we need one...All rendering software allowed... Post work allowed... Use anything from Hive Wire... This is just a contest... The winner gets basically a slap on the back for a job well done... I can only give the winner a few packs I have...
  8. Lorraine

    Daz Studio Lorraine's Sharecg Freebies

    ShareCG - lorraineopua's Gallery
  9. Cutie and the Beast

    Cutie and the Beast

    HiveWire's new Shetland Pony meets the HW Beast!
  10. LeoLee

    Hive Girl for Dawn

    Reposting the thread which was in the old forum with some updates of my Superhero project. It was supposed to be one more pack of poses but in the middle of it I decided to make a superhero suit. The suit needs some uv adjusts, but overall it looks like that. She needs also a pair of boots...
  11. Alisa

    RELEASED Western Tack for the HiveWire Horse is here!

    The wait is over :) Western Tack for the HiveWire Horse has arrived in the store!!!
  12. Sending out the Stars

    Sending out the Stars

    Used Dawn SE, hair by SAV at Rendo, Evenstar dress by Lully at HW, adapted a Sveva background, Character is mine and texture for dress is mine.
  13. Ursula of the Deep

    Ursula of the Deep

    Used Dawn, Kerri for Dawn