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dawn character

  1. Blue Beads

    Blue Beads

    Yet another portrait but this time with a little more bling.
  2. Rokket

    Dawn Futuristic ear covers for second skin models 2016-11-11

    Here are a set of ear covers for when you want to create futuristic second skin costumes for Dawn. These props are not Smart Props, and you must parent them to Dawn's head before they will follow, but they will load in place over her ears. The props are UV mapped and I provided a chrome looking...
  3. ACat&HisGirl


  4. Untitled Bb1 Biger Sub Lv Rifle Greeness RW Small

    Untitled Bb1 Biger Sub Lv Rifle Greeness RW Small

    Solar confrontation trading cards.
  5. brian foley

    Time to get a Contest going...

    No contests going Hmmmm needs changed... I feel we need one...All rendering software allowed... Post work allowed... Use anything from Hive Wire... This is just a contest... The winner gets basically a slap on the back for a job well done... I can only give the winner a few packs I have...
  6. Dragon Attack

    Dragon Attack

  7. A Moment J

    A Moment J

  8. Poseidon's Daughter

    Poseidon's Daughter

  9. J

    What morphs would you recommend?

    Howdy. So I'm determined to finally make a go of Dawn. I was an early adopter when she was originally released, but the immediate needs of the kind of work I needed to do sent me back to V4. Essentially, I had to be expedient and use what I had at hand. But! That was a long time ago now! :)...
  10. CajunBeauty

    Asian Girl For Dawn

    This is my first character I am trying to make. I did a head and body for her, but I still have questions about some of the morphs I used to make her as to whether they were all Merchant Resources and/or allowed to be used to create a character for sale. One of those is the Asian Face shape that...
  11. Doey Eyed Dawn

    Doey Eyed Dawn

    I used a freebie morph from Devil Lived, Doe for Dawn on Dawn Special Edition.
  12. Look!


    Diva finds a puriri moth
  13. The Little Fairy

    The Little Fairy

    Pendraia's Diva for Dawn
  14. Monica


    Rendered with Iray
  15. Monica for DAZ Studio Close-up

    Monica for DAZ Studio Close-up

  16. Monica for DAZ Studio - Full body

    Monica for DAZ Studio - Full body

  17. Iray render of Monica

    Iray render of Monica

    Iray skin preset
  18. Monica arms

    Monica arms

    superfly render
  19. Monica legs

    Monica legs

    superfly render
  20. Monica Close-up

    Monica Close-up

    Superfly render, dark eyeshadow