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This Ain't Rocket Science...WIP thread


Managed to be able to grab a little time so this is my first play with the bike and the suit together, I have already played with he suit textures so I did the same on the bike. Nothing wrong with the textures supplied on either they are great, it is a personal thing, I rarely use the textures straight from the box, I guess I just love playing.

Afternonn Ride HW.jpg

Nothing great as far as the render is concerned but enough to wet my appetite, I clearly need to play with this a lot more. Both products work well and the poses are great needing only a slight tweak from me and that is because my Dawn figure is scaled to portray a 5 foot (ish) figure.


Oh, I really like that suit texture. Nice.

Thanks, I want to play with the bike textures a lot more. I normally have a quick go with a new product to see if I like working with it and want to spend the time making changes, sort of dipping my toe in the water so to speak. I love working with both the bike and the suit so I want to work it into my story, changing textures in an attempt to keep a common feel/style.


Nice work I think. Some shadows under the bike and maybe less blur on the wheels will make it rock if thats' okay to suggest!


Nice work I think. Some shadows under the bike and maybe less blur on the wheels will make it rock if thats' okay to suggest!

Perfectly alright to suggest, I am always open to any suggestions, well most anyway :). Yep your right about the lack of shadows, the plan was to have two renders one with just the bike and the rider and the other the background. Good plan but I forgot I had added and sky dome and not set it up correctly so it appeared in the render that meant to be the top, hence it was no good. End result and quick and dirty cut and paste to the background but the shadows were left behind. I would normally had done another render but I had already decided I wanted to work a lot more with this so I cheated for the time being.

The blur on the wheels surprised me as I did not add any blur to the top render but I do see what you mean, need to have a look at that as I go forward.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, it is honestly very much appreciated.


Contributing Artist
I've modeled two versions of the shoes I plan to use for the new outfit, and I need opinions. The pair with the slouch sort of look is what I planned in my original design, the other pair was a second thought. I shouldn't have had the second thought because now I'm torn. Your opinions would be helpful.

ScreenHunter_332 Jul. 26 12.10.jpg ScreenHunter_333 Jul. 26 12.11.jpg

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I'm afraid I won't be of much help. I can't decide which would look better either. :(