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This Ain't Rocket Science...WIP thread


I've modeled two versions of the shoes I plan to use for the new outfit, and I need opinions. The pair with the slouch sort of look is what I planned in my original design, the other pair was a second thought. I shouldn't have had the second thought because now I'm torn. Your opinions would be helpful.

View attachment 28057 View attachment 28058
Personal choice, I prefer the pair on the left, but only marginally, I would happily use either but then having both would be a nice option (I love to mix and match).


Contributing Artist
Well, I had a play with the boots tonight and finally decided not to go with the added flap. I did give them a little more 'slouch' and added a small trim accent. I'm liking these. They're very close to my original design.

ScreenHunter_334 Jul. 28 00.06.jpg


Contributing Artist
Well, here's how things are looking now. I had issues with the boots. They're still not perfect, but they're awful darn close. I've completed all the modeling and uvmapping. The rigging is done and now I'm going to work on refining the weightmaps and adding morphs.

ff test 1.jpg ff test 2.jpg

I added shorts for no good reason than I just wanted to. :)


Contributing Artist
I am including the following fbms,
-super model

are there any others that are 'must haves' for anyone?


HW3D President
Staff member

Would be cool if you can make it to fit Sora later on.

Still... it looks amazing. Well done. And it's very attractive.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
I tend to add aged to arms and legs, but it's not essential.

I use Chubby and Pear (in addition to Bulk that Glitter mentioned) quite a bit.

I rarely ... if ever ... use SuperModel or Voluptuous.