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The Wicked Witch of the North
Lovely render, Pen, and oh she is nice! She didn't appeal to me as much as Jenny but I think I'll have to re-evaluate her.


Contributing Artist
Can't look it up as I'm doing a render but the outfit is one of V4's...sugar leaf?? I think...the wings were iirc Enchantment wings or something similar I'll check when the render finishes. Wings were by Swam...and are just called FaeryWings...

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Ohhh OK. Thanks. I'm about to head out for the night, so I'll check back tomorrow.

Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

Running with the wolves.
Contributing Artist
It's really good to have you here. If I haven't said welcome before, Tempesta, let me say so now. I have a few of your characters from Rendo, and am really glad to see you adding more to the shop here. :)

Jenny is a great looking character. I agree with Darryl - I love the imperfections etc - brings true realism to the character.
And that, that right there is the reason I snapped up Jenny the moment I saw her, even though I knew I couldn't play yet! I love the imperfections; they give life to the character. And Jenny was irresistible for me when I saw her - I haven't seen good, detailed skins like that on a regular basis since V4's heydays. Thank you so much! I will have to get a render of her done soon. :)


Crazy Cat Lady
Contributing Artist
Awww you all really love to make me blush! Seliah thank you, I really feel welcomed in this warm place full of Art and respect. Never change all of you!

I have a new lady in the store today, following the adorable gorgeous Gorilla for Dusk in the jungle, here is Shiora for Dawn.

Shiora for Dawn - A Tempesta3d Creation at HiveWire 3D

She is wild but also very sweet :)

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
I just saw her, and she looks great. I have a question though, do her materials work in SF without any adjustments (I mean I know you can always adjust things, but will she come out with non-skin colored skin)?