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Contributing Artist
Welcome Lory! I love your characters and have converted your dusk ones to use in ds. Can't wait to see Marcello!
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HW Honey Bear
Probably. I think he was at RDNA. But I could be wrong about that. It was a very attractive character anyway. But for Poser.

Very glad to see you here. I've picked up rather a lot of your character skins over the years. You are one of the few who do a range of older characters. Which I have a steady need of.


Contributing Artist
I converted it to ds when I bought it...I've done that with Evan, Skuro and iirc Riccardo...some I bought at Rendo and some at RDNA. I also bought Alyce...


The Wicked Witch of the North
I bought Skuro first and once I converted him to DS successfully (all thanks to your tut, Pen) I got Marcello and Riccardo. And they converted to DS nicely as well. Alyce appealed too but I was on a Dusk buying mission at the time and I forgot about her. I must go and revisit.


Crazy Cat Lady
Contributing Artist
WOW, thank you sooo much everybody! You are all very sweet! Margyyy, we are together everywhere!!! :D All of you Artists are myths for me.
Marcello is out like some of you noticed already ;)
Marcello for Dusk - A Tempesta3d Creation

Yes, it is the same Marcello but keep an eye because I will add old but also new characters in time. Dusk and Dawn are wonderful figures to work with!
Thank you again for this warm welcome, I did blush a lot.